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Morning, the radiator I have in the conservatory is 1600mm

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Morning, the radiator I have in the conservatory is 1600mm x 400mm (long and thin rather than tall), this would have been added to the system as the conservatory was an extension. It seems to be drawing water into it but not going all the way through. It is warm (not as hot as the others) at the top and cool ish at the bottom. What is also strange is that the adjustable valve (TRV?) seems to be on the return not the flow, however if both are fully open then should this effect it?
If you were to draw a rectangle (the rad) the heat comes in from the left, heats top to bottom about 25% across, then hot along the top until the other side. It is cold ish across the bottom to the return valve, the pipes on that side are cold too. The pin on the TRV presses up and down as normal.
I have removed the rad and flushed water through it and nothing sludgy comes out.
I have also tried to balance them again by turning all the other rads off but still the same.
Any ideas?
Thanks Neil
Hi , sometimes the trv washer gets stuck on the seating. Tapping the valve with a hammer can most often release it. Most trvs are omni directional now. To confirm look on the side it should have arrows indicating both ways.. Sometimes an additional rad to a conservertory is taken off an end run of 15mm pipe and these dads can struggle. But I would confirm the trv isn't stuck first. You might have to take off the rad again and open the rev into a bucket to make sure its free
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, thanks for the reply. Trv is not stuck.
I turned all the other rads off and it heated up much more than before and it was going through the return as well (the pipe exiting the rad was hot) but when the others came on its the same issue as before...if not worse.
Could this be a pump issue (not man enough)?
I am in a town house and the boiler is at the top so it is the furthest from the boiler.
The pipe is the newer plastic pipes rather than copper.
Please can you explain your last sentence.
Hi , the last sentence doesnt matter now as you have confirmed that the trv is ok. Do you have a header tank fir your heating or a sealed system
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Not sure, how will I tell that?
A conventional or traditional heating system has a small water tank to keep it topped up with water, where as a system boiler has a pressure gauge on the system, either on the boiler or somewhere else on the system. These are filled by topping up by the mains with a filling loop
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The boiler in the kitchen is called 'Potterton Suprima' upstairs in the airing cupboard we have a big tank and then a tank the size of a football/beach ball. The house is 14 years old and the system is the original one.
The tank like a beach ball. Would you be able to take a photo?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It might be just to do with the water but I have attached a web link to the Zilmet (the make) images, it is the image on the far right that looks like the one I have.
This is then above a MegaFlo tank that is much bigger.
Ok, you have an unvented hot water system , but not sure a bout the heating system. If it is a system with a header tank, you could change it to a sealed system and put a light commercial heating circulating pump on. This would give a bit more force to push the water round.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK, How do I tell which system I have? Are there any images or where can I look to find out. Or does this look like a pump issue?
Well when you took the rad off , how did you top the water back up?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
by using the tank in the airing cupboard, which is what a plumber showed me when we first moved in.
Was it using a flexible hose with taps on each, or one end?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
this leads into the red zilmet tank. he showed me that the pressure valve on the zilmet tank that has a red line at 1.5 bar but is currently at 1.1 bar. Should I increase that to 1.5 bar, I think he told me it should be more around the 2 bar. Would this make sense? The more pressurised the system, the more umph it has to pump?
Ok, thanks . Yes you have a sealed system , so you could upgrade the pump, to a light commercial pump. The pipe work may be undersized but it may give you that extra your system needs, especially if you have a lot of rads
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK, Thanks for your time today.
Have a good evening