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Turned water inlet stop valve off 1/4 Turn in my toilet as

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Turned water inlet stop valve off 1/4 Turn in my toilet as was a constant water streaming/leaking sound inside unit. Today gone to turn it back on 1/4 turn but no water coming through! Tried turning it a full turn and more than one turn but nothing. Doesn't even sound like there is water in the pipe is that possible? Water pressure was fine when I shut it off. How can I get the water coming back through?
Hi , c hec k the inside of the toilet cistern. Is it full? If so no more water would come in
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi and thanks for your response. No the cistern is empty. Just seems like there is no water in the pipe but I don't see how that is possible? The sink right next to the toilet has fine water pressure, so I'm assuming these pipes are linked? Which would mean there has to be water in the pipe right? In which case, could the valve be broken and although I'm turning it perhaps it's not opening inside the pipe?
Hi , most likely the stop valve isn't open. It may have broken inside,or if it has a plastic tap, it may be broke and not actually turning.If it is a plastics tap type, take off the plastic tap and use pliers or a spanner to turn the metal part of the valve
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I think you are right and the only possibility is that the stop valve is broken and somehow worked when closing, but sheered off when trying to close.
It is not a plastic pipe but all metal, a metal pipe joining a metal L bend containing the stop valve. Can these break off like that? I can't think of another possibility?
Should I turn off the water in the house, remove the L bend with stop valve, buy a new part, replace it and turn water back on? Or call a plumber!?
Thanks again!!
Hi, yes if you can turn off the water to the house and get a new one the same. You would save on paying a plumber. I am guessing it is a flexible hose with the stop valve included. One end would go onto the toilet ballgame. This should be done up without crossthreading the ballvalve thread .and tightened up to a pinch,ie don't over tighten. Make sure the valve is off when putting water back on , so you can check for water tightness
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