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I live on the top floor of a three story apartment block. The

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I live on the top floor of a three story apartment block. The waste water pipe from my kitchen sink and dishwasher goes down under my kitchen unit and floor to the boxed cavity approx. 11 feet away from the sink. The water stack pipe then drops 20 feet or so down the cavity (straight drop as far as I believe), not picking up from either of the two apartments below, then under the ground floor into the mains drain. Each time we drain water out of the kitchen sink or use the dishwasher their is a rather loud echo/vibration noise coming from within the cavity wall. Could the 'Niagara Falls' cascade be causing an echo when the water hits the base below the ground floor and reverberating back up the pipe ? and if so, would sound proofing the piping reduce the noise level which is annoying my neighbours in the apartment below us? Incidentally, we cannot hear the noise in our apartment. regards Dave.
Hi, there is not normally issue with sound from a sink emptying or a dishwasher emptying. Have you heard it yourself, ie been in their flat and drained the sink etc? Might be worth having a try as it might be miniscule. One thing I can think of is if the stack goes up and out of the roof or has a air admittance valve halfway up the boxing in of your flat , but if you can't hear anything I wouldn't worry too much , but would definitely check your neighbours as said earlier .
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes I have definitely heard it in their apartment, they have even recorded and monitored the times it happens which coincides with our use of our kitchen sink and dishwasher. It may only last for a minute or two , although a little longer if the dishwasher is discharging. It is not a noise I would be happy in putting up with. Since my wife has stopped releasing water down the sink that has helped but obviously to stop using the dishwasher is a little more inconvenient. The apartments are only two years old but the installation plumber has 'gone-to-ground'. Although the offending pipe is is within the cavity and therefore is nothing that I have done wrong, the fact that it only serves my apartment, my neighbours are claiming it is 'My Pipe' and what do I intend to do to correct the problem. Checked my neighbours sink, doesn't happen with theirs as their waste pipe connects to a soil stack on the opposite side of the apartments. As I have already stated my waste water goes into the offending pipe and drops all of 20 feet before reaching ground level - I guess in twenty feet it builds up quite a speed and then hits the bottom with some force. We cannot access the base of the pipe and so far have taken the skirting board away in my neighbours flat and 'punched through' a small hole in the plasterboard. We can touch the pipe but not sure if we could fit a length of piping insulation around it and try to feed it down as far as it will go - even then would it solve the problem? I cannot believe that I am the first person to experience such a problem given all the blocks of flats etc around. Dave.
Hi , as its an apartment block the sound proofing of the soil pipe should not be your problem but the freeholders, but I have often seen it soundproofed with Rockwall insulation and a double skin of plasterboard
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We are the Freeholders !!!
Oh ,ok , sorry . Well as I said Rockwall with an extra sound proof sheet of plaster board on the boxing in of the soil pipe would be sufficient
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks, ***** ***** it a try.