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My radiators are fitted with Temtrol TRVs dating from 1988.

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My radiators are fitted with Temtrol TRVs dating from 1988. The control heads no longer function correctly. I understand these TRVs were originally manufactured by Honeywell, but are no longer available. The TRV control head fits onto the valve body via a 28mm thread. Can a current Honeywell replacement TRV head be used in place of the original Temtrol? If so which one?
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Hi, yes they can but it is usually the valve body sticking that causes the fault and not the head. I recommend replacing the whole valveTo test take off the head and see if the pin moves up and down.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I appreciate that it is better to replace the entire valve unit, but in this case the valve body is working well. The pin moves smoothly and cuts off the water supply when fully depressed. The control head appears to be leaking wax and no longer engages with the pin. All I need is a replacement control head which will fit the 28 mm thread on the body and provide the correct movement of the actuating pin. You confirm that a Honeywell control head will do the job, but I need to know which one will meet the above requirements. Please advise.
Hi if your valve body is 28mm you will need an adapter to use current 30mm try heads. You can get these online here you mind rating your answer please, thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your reply, but on the page you suggest, there are many adaptors available. I just need to know what head and what adaptor will be suitable for replacing the head of a Temtrol TRV. Can you advise me on this? Make and part number would be useful.
Hi .as informed by heating controls you need the 15A5 as found here
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