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I have just bought a 1930's semi detached ex-council house.

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I have just bought a 1930's semi detached ex-council house. It has a downstairs bathroom and kitchen and central heating on both floors. Hot water and CH is provided by a British Gas RD628 combi boiler (28 kW) in my house - not the latest and greatest, but does the current job OK.
I want to put in a loft conversion (With shower/loo), move the bathroom (bath/shower) upstairs and put in a large single story rear extension/kitchen with 25m2 wet UFH.
Current water supply appears to be the old 15mm lead pipe. Pressure is 1.5 bar at the outside hose fitting.
Research so far suggests best technical solution is to connect a decent pipe to the mains and install an unvented system - but this will stretch the budget. If I do go this way could I use the current combi to heat the Megaflo, CH and UFH ?
If I keep the current combi I can use for first floor bathroom and kitchen - using an electric shower in the loft. Would the electric shower affect the first floor (combi powered) shower if both were on at the same time ? I guess using an electric shower in the loft would be like turning on a cold water tap which presumably would reduce mains pressure and affect the combi powered shower on the first floor ?
Would a storage combi be a reasonable solution for the whole house ? Do you think the combi output pressure would give a decent shower pressure in the loft ? What if loft and first floor showers were on at the same time ?
For 90% of the time there will only be two of us in the house at any time but we still want a system that can operate two showers for when we have vistors (and eventual sale)
I am looking for independent advice on the best system to install rather than a sales job. Would be great to actually talk to an experienced independent plumber - any thoughts on the best way to do this ?
Many thanks...Stuart
Hi , why not the unvented for the whole house with a mains booster
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Does unvented not mean a tank in the roof ? We are doing a loft / dormer conversion, so no room for a tank...
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorry - misunderstood - thought you said vented..
Hi Stuart, would you mind rating my answer, thanks