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I have a Worcester combi boiler. The upstairs bathroom

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I have a Worcester combi boiler. The upstairs bathroom shower is no longer hot unless the cold water tap in the bath or sink is running. The pressure on the boiler is between 3-4. The temperature when no taps are running alters between freezing cold to tepid. Thank you
Hi, does the water stay hot when running over taps?If it does then it is most likely your shower mixer. Is it a thermostaric shower?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, yes the water stays hot the whole time.
I think it is a thermostatic shower but I'm no expert.
The reason I think this is that I've had a plumber out to look at it and he was less than convincing.
He initially said it was an issue with the thermostat and the bar would need replacing, he then rang my wife and said he'd made a mistake and the entire shower would need replacing. Hence asking the professionals on here instead.
Thank you
Hi , to replace the shower cartridge it would need to be identified first. Would you be able to upload a photo?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I should be able to, is that a photo of the bar with the taps on it?
Yes please
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here goes. The tap on the right is the temperature and the left is the power. The tap on the left was replaced last year as it was leaking. Thanks
Hi ,its very Similar to mine. I think there a few companies making them, but they all might use the same cartridge.If it was mine , I would undo the nuts and take the whole thing to a plumbers merchant. An independent merchant that the plumbers themselves use and see if they have one. The water would have to be turned off at the stopcock and the nuts undone with a spanner.The other alternative is to send a photo to shower doctor who can help identify different showers and supply the part
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