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I fitted a small radiator in the room below the existing

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I fitted a small radiator in the room below the existing radiator above. I connected the flow to the feed supply and the return to the return supply, but the water will not circulate down to the new rad even if I turn the top existing rad off. I wondered if a one way valve sited immediately at the return pipe on the existing rad might help, but I'm not sure at all.
Hope you can assist me, regards Peter

Hi, there could be an air lock in the new rad/pipework. Make sure its bled . Also the pump might be struggling to pump down for the extra radiator.

I would turn all the other radiators off . This would force the flow to that radiator p. It may push through any air lock and if it gets hot prove that the valves are working properly.

If it gets hot, slowly open up the other radiators bit by bit till they start getting warm too. The radiators closest to the pump should be opened only slightly. The ones furthest away fully. This is balancing the system so the flow is evenly distributed to all radiators

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