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Im in a dispute with my exlandlord,a water bill of £3200!! I

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Im in a dispute with my exlandlord,a water bill of £3200!! I reported a water leak to him in Dec 14 and it wasnt fixed until June 15(it works out to about 7mnths). I know have the full facts and 700 cubic meters of water leaked under the house(just below the floorboards) and in March 16 I left after getting the council to come round,there was damp in the rooms above the water leak,and an amber reading on dampness. The landlord managed to convince them it was condsation. I know have the full facts and it would of been because of this water having no where to go but up and down. The landlord has also lied about the leak to the courts(which I can prove). My question really is this,what happens to the foundations and structure of the house with this much water having not many options to get out of the house(we were also turning the cockstop on and off allthe time!!!)

Hi my name is ***** ***** I have been in the plumbing field for 20 years. I will be glad to help you today. The water could do a fair amount of damage. Most of the damage would be related to the damage to the flooring and wood structure. The wood could rot and could also grow mold. The moisture could also cause damage to the flooring and even the wall boards.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Im 99% sure he has no landlords inurance or told his mortgage provider that he was renting it as a buy to let. My youngest suffered with breathing problems because of damp and mould in her room. Im going back to the council(as after the court case I want him prosecuted as a rogue landlord).I just wondered if there was sliding scale or guide you guys work to per cubic metre of water entering the house? (originally there used to be strutcial engineers avaliable for advice on "Just Answer") Thanks Canuck

I have seen first-hand what damage this type of situation can cause. I can not comment much on structural issues besides what I've seen. Rotted floor joists for example. Over time floors will get springy and Flooring will crack but really I believe thelargest issue to be mold and mildew that will cause you and your family sickness. Maddening how easily this situation could have been avoided.

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