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I have a Rica compact boiler model m90E.24S/

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I have a Rica compact boiler model m90E.24S/
m90E.28S/m90E.32S ( don't know which, just have the manual)
The heating turned itself on, I haven't set it on timer I have it forced off but the heating came on this evening and doesn't seem to turn off.
I've now set the dial for central heating to zero to turn the bolier off totally but left the mains electric on

Hi it could be one of a few issues.

The diverter valve could be stuck, the clock may be faulty, the pcb may be faulty

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Before I turned off the boiler, I also adjusted pressure gauge to correct setting using my manual instruction as it was slightly below normal
I reset the timer but I hadn't set any times for the heating to go on.
I reset the clock this morning but I turned the bolier back on last night and had it off for about an hour and half. Since its been on no heating has turned on and the hot water is running as normal. Every thing seems to be normal now.
I don't usually use timer only the manual on/off button to control the heating and I don't have any room thermostat controls.
What can you suggest? I guess call a plumber to check the issues you mentioned in your reply?

Hi, if it seems to be ok now, I would suggest using the boiler as normal again but if the problem reoccurs then get someone in to check those issues and maybe put you in a programmable room thermostat and bypass the boiler clock which can be unreliable.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Many thanks, ***** ***** seems to be working when I switch the manual on/off for the heating - but thanks I'll call someone in if the problem reoccurs.
Thanks again for your replays
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Just seen another email from site, thanks again and to confirm I've finished with my question

Thanks for rating e.All the best .