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I have a twin pump for my shower, hot t'd off my immersion

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I have a twin pump for my shower, hot t'd off my immersion tank; cold off the tank in the loft (ie positive head installation). The 'anti-vibration' coupler that connects the hot input pipe to the pump has broken and needs replacing. However, there is no isolation valve between the immersion tank and the coupler. The coupler has an integrated isolation valve, but as it is the coupler itself that I need to replace I can't work out how to shut off the water. I expected that there would be valve on the cold water inlet to the bottom of the tank which I could use to shut off the supply to the tank, then drain it out. However, I have not been able to find it if there is. I have some sort of 'T' hot/cold water mixer set up to drive the input into the tank from my gas fired condsening boiler. There are a total of 3 tap valves in and around this system, and even having turned them all off, the hot tap continues to run (albeit cold after a while). So my overall question is how do I fit the new coupler on the hot pipe (input) to the pump? I presume the key is working out how to stop water coming out of the immersion tank - is it? If so, how?!

Hi, there should be a valve on the incoming pipe from tank to hot water tank.if not you will have to turn off the mains supply to the cold water tank by using the stopcock or ty8ng up the ballvalve arm so the water stops, tben run hot and co!d bath taps till the tank is empty then you cannot kit hen tap. You can then change the pump fitting. Use an old towel to collect any water that may be left in that small section

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks. So if I turn of the supply into the feeder tank in the attic, then all I have to do is run out the taps to drain the system? What about the supply from the boiler? Don't I have to isolate that as well? The thermal tank appears to have 2 inputs, one right at the bottom from the cold water tank, and one a foot or so further up that appears to be fed from the boiler. See attached photo. Thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi, one further question - how do I remove the broken 'push on' connect from the copper pipe? thanks

Hi, yes just drain the tank by running the taps. To get off the push fit connector use a spanner/adjustable spanner the same width as the pipe and push up against the grab ring towards the fit To g ,pushing and turning the spanner in a circle. This should free the pipe from the push fit fitting.

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