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I have tried to replace the waste pipes under my sink (1 1/2

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i have tried to replace the waste pipes under my sink (1 1/2 sink bowl) as the traps were leaking. i think the original fitter may of connected it all with a non standard kit as i cant figure out or replace it in a way that fits. i have bought new 40mm traps and a connector but it just doesnt fit. i know this is probably a 5 min job for someone i just need to know which bits i need. i have photos that show it better. if anyone can help thanks in advance!!

If the fitter used diy parts they are normally non standard sizes, I have come across this in the past and ended up ripping out the entire sink waste system, and building it from scratch.

For the sake of a leaking trap, have you tried using the existing kit and just using PTFE tap or plumbers mate around the joints?

Should you want to proceed and replace the traps, please upload the photos via this page (paper clip icon) or via the webpage here, and post the link given in this forum.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have already bought new traps and pipe so have resigned self to replacing it I just don't want to go and buy more bits to find out they are wrong too. I will send you some photos, the grey is the old ones, the second pic is the piece that I don't think is a real bit, the white the new ones and Iv tried to show what the main connection is like to the waste pipe, you can see Iv put a t junction piece where the grey tube was previously which must be wrong as it is bowed, leaking and just not right!!

Not wanting to create to much work for you but I would be inclined to start again.

This was clearly not installed by a plumber, have a look at the video here.

You will see you should only have one trap, and that you have a T which joins the two drains in the sink together, and then on to a trap.

You also need to look at the waste for your washer, thats far to low down and needs to be higher up, my suggestion is get a kit as shown in the video, it will save you hours.

If you get stuck pop into plumb centre with what you have and ask them to help you as long as you dont get in just before closing they will often lay them all out for you so you can see how it should fit together, but to be fair the video above seems to be very detailed.

I should add that the kit is called a standard bowl kit, and costs around £20-30.

You get it from

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you. Right of back to screw fix!! So do I not really need any traps? As that kit you suggest doesn't have them ?

Sorry for the delay...

Correct, that has the trap\u bend so should have everything you need.

Appreciate if you can rate the service received today.



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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Sorted ���� thank you how do I pay the rest and review ? Iv not used this before

That should be everything its marked as 5 stars.

Have a good evening.