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I had a leak last week which cam from my bathroom into the

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hi my name is romana
i had a leak last week which cam from my bathroom into the living room through the wall. it had caused damage to my laminate flooring and skirts of the wall and these have had to be removed.
i have emergency cover and a AA plumber came out to find the where the leak came from. he eventually fund that it came from the toilet. he replaced the washer in the leaking pipe (there where two washers in there, the AA plumber said why is there two in there) and hour later there was no more water coming into living room.
well a few months before i had a plumber come and fix my toilet and he fixed the pipe that was leaking by putting two washers in. i beleive it ws his overall work on the toilet that is to blame for the leak. now the plumber came round a few days later to see the issue. now he has said that there was a leak from the pipe in the toilet he admits that, but says thats not what caused the flood into the liviing room. he says the flooring is too dry. we have taken photos and i think you can see that he floor is wet from under toilet leadng to the wall in the living room. he wont accept it is his fault even though he admits there was a leak (have txt from saying) from the toilet pipe he fixed. also he says he has changed over insurance and his new insurance doesnt cover for old work. is that right? we agreed on getting anther plumber to have a look and give third opinion on issue but i ve called two plumbers and they said its no point as it has been over a week. also the AA plumber said he is lying about insurance and the leak came from the toilet knowhere else and the that the plumber is trying to get out of the responsibility. please can you advise what to do as ive been told maybe should take to small claims court.

Hi Romana,

I am sorry to hear your having to going through this, any professional will admit when they are at fault (mistakes happen).

To clarify I am not a lawyer so can not offer legal advice, however as a professional myself I am aware that some (cheaper) professional indemnity insurance will not cover old works when you change policy, normally they put a constraint that works done so many weeks before the policy starts are not covered.

That said it should not affect you, as the insurance is to protect the plumber not you, if he isnt covered, the liability still sits with him, if his work is shown to be substandard.

My advice would be to get a formal report back from the AA confirming what they found to be the fault, and what was done to fix the issue, this is critical if you want to take things further.

Washers do tend to bind together so it is possible when the original plumber put the pipe together he didnt notice two were stuck together (but you wouldnt do this on purpose - if you did its a bodge not a fix), what you need to determine was if this was a slow leak (like a dripping tap, or a stream of water), as the argument may be some damage may have been avoided if you had noticed water on the floor.

In conclusion, good plumbers will guarantee their work for over 6 months (most a year), I think you have a reasonable prospect to claim against the original plumber, if you can get the AA to put their findings in writing and get the original plumber to confirm in writing they installed the faulty valve you have a straight forward case for Money Claim Online (small claims court).

Please let me know if you need anything clarified.


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