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We have a problem with our neighbour's boiler plume. We live

Customer Question

We have a problem with our neighbour's boiler plume. We live in a terraced house. The problem is on the left. Between our house and the houe to the left is a side return, about 1m wide on either side of the fence. Our neighbour's boiler is at the back left corner of their house, and so is about 3m, maybe 4m from our house but 2m or so from the fence line. Their vent sticks out about 2m off the ground and they have stuck a plumbing pipe in it to try and direct the plume upwards.
The prevailing wind at the back of our houses is left to right so pulls their plume towards us - it hits our plants, lands in our garden and sometimes hits our house.
Is there anything we can do to get them to do something? Local Environmental Health are useless and won't help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  James I replied 1 year ago.

I would start by engaging your local building control which forms part of the district council.

They are responsible for ensuring all building meet HSE standards, and also set the requirements which the boiler fitters have to work to.

Your neighbours have probably had a boiler service, which has resulted in the additional 2M pipe being added as part of those recommendations, which means they probably meet the Gas Safety requirements outlined by building control.

Though you may not get a prompt response from Building Control (they normally take weeks to get back to you - each council is different), they will attend, at no cost to you.

Should they find the installation wanting they will issue a notice for the property owner to make suitable modification to address the areas of concern, then come back and reinspect before signing it off.

However if they feel everything is by the book (which might be what the 2M addition achieves), they are unlikely to make comment, or be of any further assistance to you.