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I am currently in a dispute with my neighbour upstairs. I

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I am currently in a dispute with my neighbour upstairs. I live in the ground floor flat and she lives above me in the first floor flat. My cold water tank is above her kitchen, it is not insulated, no lid on the tank and open to the room. She is complaining saying her flat is getting condensation + humidity due to the water tank and pipes getting hot.However I am having no problems below, my cold water is cold, my hot water is hot, and no issues at all from my boiler and heating around my flat, I have got several plumbers round who have tested my thermostat which is working fine and they seem a bit unsure of what the problem, many have said there is no actual problem per say?She is convinced that it is a problem with my boiler that is causing her flat to get humid and cause damp and condensation but I believe unless I change boilers completely (which I can't afford) or she moves the tank back up into the loft or she gets proper insulation, then she will always have this problem.I don't want to fall out with her but It is both causing us a lot of stress.

Hi Matthew,

So I am clear you have a cold water tank in the loft located above the 1st floor flat, or is it located in the room itself?

Secondly where is your neighbour finding condensation, is it on windows around the pipe work in the corner of rooms?

In terms of your hot water, is this heated by gas or electric, and where is your hot water tank located?

Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Hi JamesThe cold water tank is not in my neighbours loft but in her kitchen within a open cupboard above the stairs leading down to the garden. The condensation and humidity is in her flat and mould is around the walls of where the water tank is. The water tank is uncovered and open to the rest of her flat.My hot water tank is down stairs in my cupboard and it is gas.

Hi Matthew,

It suggests you have a gravity fed system, the water tank should have a lid as you will naturally get condensation from having a open water tank, it also stops contaminants getting into the water (eg something dropping into the tank), this would normally cause mould and condensation in and around the cupboard not the entire flat though.

You can buy a generic lid to fix on it from tool station here, another cause of increase humidity is if the hot water tank is over heating as you will find as water expands in the tank it can overflow into the cold water tank, which can cause increased condensation but not enough to heat up the water in the tank itself for you to notice.

My suggestion would be check if the hot water tank is overflowing into the cold water tank, it should be a copper pipe which sits over the tank, turn the hot water on give it an hour then go and feel the pipe if its hot it suggests its overflowing into the tank, and the thermostat in your tank needs replacing.

Secondly get a lid for the tank, it will benefit you as much as her, as you dont want contaminants getting into your drinking water.

Lastly if the cupboard is on an outside wall suggest she gets a external vent fitted to increase circulation, this is what the council would recommend on any property with damp\mould problems, and should be at her cost, depending on where you live it would be around £100.

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Customer: replied 6 months ago.
Thank you James, that's been really useful. Many thanksMatt