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Looking to upgrade 20 year-old oil-fired boiler and water

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Looking to upgrade 20 year-old oil-fired boiler and water tank and seeking advice about what sort of oil-fired boiler (no gas) we should choose. New boiler will need to cater for 4 bedrooms, open plan ground floor underfloor heating (around 40sq m) and 3 shower rooms. Area has poor water pressure. Do we go for 'standard' new condensing boiler with large (thinking 275ltr) unvented water cylinder or combi boiler with mains water pump? I think costs are going to be similar, but it's performance that matters! Any guidance greatly appreciated.

A combi will struggle if you have low pressure and have more than one person using a shower at a time.

Do all of your shower rooms use direct hot water or do they have electric showers, or shower pumps?

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Hi James,
1 x electric shower the other 2 will use direct hot water. You have confirmed what I thought might be the case. If we install an unvented cylinder does it have to be located higher than the showers (ie in the attic) or can we position it on the ground floor?
Many thanks...

If your going for un-vented, then this is pressurised by mains water, so it can be located anywhere in the house.

You would normally locate it next to the highest demand of hot water to reduce the pipe run, ideally next to the showers, however if its cheaper to place it down stairs its not a big issue, just means you have to run the hot water tap for a little longer.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thanks James really useful. One last question, do you know if there's much ambient noise with the cylinder tank?

You shouldnt hear anything with the new unventted cylinders, you will hear water going through the pipes more than than any news from the cylinder, you may also hear the water circulating when its heating up but by in large you shouldnt hear it, if its behind a cupboard door.

I have a mega flow in a 4 bed house, and we leave the airing cupboard door and never hear anything. Please rate the service using the star rating at the top of this page.

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