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I have a ferroli Modena 27c he boiler, 4 years old. it won't

I have a ferroli Modena... Show More
I have a ferroli Modena 27c he boiler, 4 years old. it won't allow me to adjust the temperature above 23 degrees for the heating.
I opned the air reale valve on top back of the pump and no air.
I checked the pump and it spins ok
I tried rebboting.
Hot water is Fine.
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What is the current temp for the hot water, and what happens when you go to increase the temp does the number just flash but not increase?

Customer reply replied 6 months ago.
HOT WATER REMP IS SET TO 55 C and works fine up and down.The heating temp will not budge from 23 degree settingThis is a FERROLI BOILER

The fault appears to be with the control board as the range of acceptable temp for the CH starts in excess of 40 deg C, so it suggests its only showing the current temp of the CH loop.

A new control panel will be very expensive (around £200 from here), for this reason suggest you seek to get a fixed price repair and protect plan.

British Gas do a fixed repair plan which can be found here.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Customer reply replied 6 months ago.
The Ferroli co. have said it needs resetting which involves multiple button setting and only an experience Ferroli boiler eng. will know the sequence

I can talk you through this process, but I dont think this will resolve you fault.

If you hold down the CH Plus and Minus for 5 seconds (which are the bottom two buttons), the boiler will reset and then go into engineer mode allowing you to run it at 100% and you can adjust the performance by using the up and down buttons.

Press the two buttons again together and then the power button to exit from the menu.

Do you require any further assistance?

Do you need any further assistance Vincent?