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Been having a problem with slow running water in my kitchen

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Hello there,Been having a problem with slow running water in my kitchen for a few weeks. Have been relentlessly plunging, which worked before, but now not so successful. I have tried a few different products, finally using ONE SHOT, which has ruined my sink, even though I've been careful with it, and actually made the block worse. I've tried to undo the pipes, which i've done in a few different properties to clean out any fat residue, but the drain configuration is like nothing I've ever seen. I've unscrewed the bottom cap on the vertical drain pipe and the water is running just fine, so where I can't get to must be where the blockage lies. It seems like the connecting pipe is glued.Best,
Hi Olly. My name is ***** ***** I have worked in the plumbing industry for over 15 years. I can completely understand that having blocked drains is very annoying especially when it is not easily identifiable.To confirm, would you like advise on what your options are and how to proceed?
If that is the case it would be handy to send a couple of photos of what is under the sink that is causing the problem. To confirm is it just the one sink causing an issue? Also can you see the water coming outside the house into a gully or does it go direct into an underground drain? (In which case you wouldn't be able to see anything else.Any other information or questions you have that will help me to assist you will be appreciated.Looking forward to hearing from you soon.Warm regards,
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Hi Elliot,Thanks for your response.
I've attached some photos of the problem.The water is very slowly draining, and I cannot see any problems outside of the flat. We're the first floor flat of three.I imagine it's a build up of food and grease, but I have no idea how to proceed as I haven't able to unattach the pipes as simply as I could in my old flat.Best,
OllyThere are two photos of the underneath of the main sink and the smaller sink to the left. The main sink now leaks when plunged, and the left small sink leaks when there's standing water in it.
Thanks Olly. Let me review the picture's to give you the best advise.
I will get back to you ASAP.
Warm regards
Hi Olly,The white plastic pipe that the waste goes into; does this pipe flex down? Another words can you pull the plastic pipe out of the grey one?The left sink that is leaking is leaking because the rubber washer between the metal sink and the actual plastic waste part has either split, moved or got some dirt inside it which has caused it to start leaking.
To fix this part you will have to dismantle the waste.
From the top of the sink where the plug is you should see either a large flat head screw or perhaps a large hexagonal nut which will unscrew by turning it anti clockwise. This will release the metal part from the plastic part. You should then be able to remove this part of the plastic waste. At this point you can do a better inspection of the trap. If it comes away easy you could try it on the other sink. To reconnect it all do the reverse insuring the rubber seal is in tack (not split) and clean and placed; from the bottom: plastic waste, rubber washer, metal sink, metal waste part. Let me know if that makes sense.If you can disconnect the white section of pipe and see inside you may be able to see how blocked this section of pipe is. Let me know how bad it is.Clean all the grey waste pipe and let me know if that helps.
Warm regards,
Let me know if you need any other details with these steps and I will be happy to give more details.I have left an option open to rate my response for you. This can be filled out at any point and we can continue discussing this topic. Click on the star rating you feel is most appropriate. I hope that by the end of this you will be happy with my support and leave me a 5 star rating. This is the only way I am compensated for my time. But like I mentioned earlier I am him to help you until you reach a conclusion to your issue which is what I always aim to lead you to. Looking forward to helping you.Warm regards,
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