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I've installed a salamander single impeller pump as well a

Customer Question

hi i've installed a salamander single impeller pump as well a 50 gallon water tank which is solely for the shower i've a mira sport 10.5 kw electric shower this system works but i think i got negative head as i've got to lower the shower head to get the pump to kick in my question is if i lowerthe pump into my airing cupboard will this solve the problem as i can't raise the tank as ive a shallow loft space. Many thanks Dean
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  James I replied 8 months ago.

Hi Dean,

What height from the tank is the pump currently fitted, and what is the current differential between the pump and the shower head (when are normal height).

If the shower is set to cold, do you still have the same issue with the pump kicking in unless you reduce the height of the shower head?

My guess is the issue is the Mira shower is restricting flow and therefore pressure which is preventing the pump detecting sufficient pressure drop to start, so dropping the pump wouldnt likely help as the pressure differential between shower head and put tank is likely causing your issue.

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Hi my pumpis about 300 mm below my water tank. The shower is about another 300mm below the pump my shower is brand new it doesn't matter what temp the shower is on I've still got to low the shower head
Expert:  James I replied 8 months ago.

Would it be easy to raise the pump so its 600mm above the shower head, as I think if you increase the drop that would probably work?

Expert:  James I replied 8 months ago.

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