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Do i run water supply from bathroom pipes which is shorter

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Do i run water supply from bathroom pipes which is shorter run to my new kitchen sink or do i need to run it from the mains as it enters my house which is located in the old kitchen which is now a living room .So basically the kitchen was originally at the front of the house and the mains stopcork was under the sink . Now we are relocating the kitchen to the back , we have a choice of either running the pipes back from the original kitchen which is 12 meter away or I can run it from a toilet which was in the middle of the 2 room and we have now removed the toilet - this run is shorter at 5 meters . My builder is saying because u have a system boiler (mega Flo) and no tank in the loft , it doesn't matter where u take the connections from as its all drinking water .My concern is that the pipes in the middle (previous toilet) is coming down from the 2 bathrooms upstairs ( town house) and I will lose pressure and Flo maybe and also it's in copper and some people say best to not drink from a long run of copper pipe and keep copper run as short as possible .I'm in dialema and want to know what shall I do . I have relocated the stop cork in the hallway and also can u tell me previous stop cork had EARTHING wire 10mm - do I need to extend that EARTHING again .So really pressure and Flo is of concern and the fact the pipes have gone up and down from 2 bathrooms and in copper . Is this water safe if i take it from previous toilet .Also I'm connecting a saniflo system - which pipe size do I use and do i need to vent it and are they reliable .

Hi, thank you for choosing Just Answer, my name is ***** ***** I will help with your query today.

The stop cock needs to be as close to where the pipe enters the house so wouldn't look to have moved the stop cock.

The earthing should again remain as close to where the pipe enters the property/where the copper starts, so no need to extend.

The length of copper is not the issue from drinking etc, your builder will probably use plastic anyway. The issue you will need to consider is about flow rate.

By tapping off the bathroom, you may a notice a drop in pressure when using the bath/shower, and the kitchen tap.

Secondly they will likely use 15mm pipe, where you should use 22mm to allow for sink taps, dishwashers etc to be supplied it's a good flow rate.

So I would run a two new pipes in 22mm from boiler and mains to kitchen, then spur off the 22mm in 15mm to each appliance.

Saniflow are reasonably reliable, but require more maintenance than traditional toilet. You would need to use at least 32mm waste but would deliver 40mm, which then goes to soil stack, which is vented, so need to vent.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The original stop cork would end up 500mm away from the wall and I won't be able to put The sofa there so I had no choice but to move it with 22mm polypipe to the hallway which is 1.5meter away. So I will need to extend the earth I'm assuming . Is this a major issue or is there anything else I can do .Also u mentioned 22mm pipe run to the sink but when I took the existing sink out it had a 15mm pipe off the main supply to the sink but i assume because it was a short run .
Also I won't be able to run a 22mm pipe from the boiler as its so far in the 2nd floor (mega flo) so if i do run the cold in 22mm then the hot will run in 15mm - is that ok . Also my builder is competent in soldering and said his able to run it in copper or plastic and the choice is mine; which is good for me . Thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.

Its not a major issue, but yes you would need to extend the earthing to the new location.

In terms of the 22mm pipe, is it just a sink your supplying or is there also a dishwasher, washing machine or other water appliance? If the answer is there is no other appliance 15mm would be fine, 22mm gives you a little more future proofing should you decide to fit something at a later date.

As for hot, most appliances only take cold feeds so you could get away with a 15mm hot anyway.

All new builds use plastic as its cheaper, however the 15mm plastic has a far smaller cross section and restriction when you fit the joints\connectors (so 15mm becomes 12mm), however copper there is no loss on diameter when you fit joints. In terms of mid to long term, from maintenance calls I have attended you get far more issues with leaks and failed joints on plastic than copper so if you can afford the extra cost I would opt for copper.

Do let me know if you still require a call

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would prefer a call please . I'm waiting for your call . Thanks ***********
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
please call me
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for talking to me the other day . Since than I have taken the bathrooms apart and discovered that 1 mains cold water goes upto the 2nd floor and into the megaflo and somehow they must have T offed 22mm pipes cold and a hot supply into the 2nd floor showroom and then 22mm hot and cold down to the 1st floor bathroom/shower and than finally 15mm hot and cold down to the middle part of the ground floor and this is where i wanted to run supply to my kitchen sick at the back And will also supply the small toilet under the stairs and a washing machine and a American fridge .Now I do understand you previously advices me it was best to re run a new 22mm cold from where the mains entered the house at the front to the new kitchen at the back And run a hot in 15mm . But with this new set up does it make sense to spend the money on running all that pipework from the mains point . I'm thinking if required I can always run a 22mm from the 1st floor bathroom so it's 22mm hot and cold coming down from 2nd floor showroom, 22mm down from 1st floor to the kitchen in the ground floor .
Is it safe to drink water that is being shared with bathrooms .Thanks for your advice
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello James

Yes if you T off a 22mm on the first floor then it makes more sense to take that down to the kitchen, rather than run from the original source.

It is safe to drink the water from any tap in your house, the contaminants and issues are around how clean the taps are not the pipes.