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Tim Cooke
Tim Cooke,
Category: Plumbing
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Sorry for the delayed response. I did as you suggested and

Customer Question

hi tim, sorry for the delayed response. I did as you suggested and turned off the water by the mains outside for the whole night and still had the noise!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o( I'm losing the will.
Submitted: 5 days ago.
Category: Plumbing
Expert:  Tim Cooke replied 4 days ago.

Good evening, and welcome to the Technical section in JustAnswer. My name is ***** ***** I will help you today. There's no time pressure on this topic - it will stay open to you for many days, and you can reply at any time. I will be away from my desk sometimes, but will respond as soon as I can.

Please could you remind me of the original topic, or post a link to it?

Customer: replied 4 days ago.
hi tim
I have humming noise in the house.. I’ve turned off electricity , boilers etc on separate occasions for whole night and as per your suggestion turned off outside water supply into the house and noise remains the same!
Expert:  Tim Cooke replied 3 days ago.

Can I just check that you're not the only person to have heard this noise?

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
No, it’s several people ! Could it be a faulty water pump?
Expert:  Tim Cooke replied 3 days ago.

You mentioned the water pump before, but you've heard the noise when the pump isn't running. Or are you asking about a different water pump?

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
correct , maybe some other sort of pump something that can carry on when heating is switched off ?
Expert:  Tim Cooke replied 3 days ago.

Please don't take this the wrong way, but you seem to be obsessing about a pump.

If you know of a pump somewhere that you haven't told me about, please do tell me. I can't give an opinion on something that might or might not exist. The fact that you've turned off the electrical supply for a whole night should mean that nothing in the house had any power.

I'm inclined to think that there is some vibration outside the house, that's resonating in your pipework. I don't know why it would be yours and not a neighbour's. For example, if there's a gas distribution station close to where you live, it's faintly possible that vibration could enter the house via your gas pipe. Another possibility - your house is at an point of inflection of a standing wave arising from some local industry, or someone else air conditioning fan or compressor motor.

Have you involved your local Environmental Health department in this yet?

Customer: replied 3 days ago.
Also included to think it’s exactly that - gas pipe ! I was just hoping it was maybe something easier to fix.
I really wouldn’t know where to start but maybe I should go to my coucil’s environmental. Have you come across this before with anyone ? I’ve also been told it could be the ‘Hum’ ��
Expert:  Tim Cooke replied 3 days ago.

Don't listen to people who are incapable of using a fault-finding process - they are fond of telling sufferers of this kind of thing that they are hearing "The Hum". The Hum is like The Bermuda Triangle - there's nothing special about the incidence of disappeared ships and planes in a large area of ocean - the rate of loss is not significantly different in proportion to any other area of any other ocean. Similarly, there are real noises that can resonate for different people in different ways, and on top of that reality is an unhelpful mythology propagated by people who like myths.

It would be interesting to know the effect of using Climatube on every accessible section of gas pipe. It's very cheap to buy and really easy to fit.

Customer: replied 14 hours ago.
Hi Tim, thanks for the above info, very helpful. If it is as you suggest
"Another possibility - your house is at a point of inflection of a standing wave arising from some local industry, or someone else air conditioning fan or compressor motor." Is this something the environmental health at the council can help with? Or Gas suppliers? Have you come across this before?
Expert:  Tim Cooke replied 14 hours ago.

Good morning!

Whether or not the local EH department can help is a question that you need to put to them.