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JamesI, Electrician
Category: Pool and Spa
Satisfied Customers: 2159
Experience:  James has 7 years expereince managing and support pool plant equipmant for swimming pools.
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I have a Hawkeye Jupiter hot tub in Spain, though I live in

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I have a Hawkeye Jupiter hot tub in Spain, though I live in the UK. It was installed in 2005. The water heater stopped working a few weeks ago. Any ideas on the heating element part number that I might need?

Hi Des, my name is ***** ***** give me a while to look up the part your looking for.

Hawkeye do not have a very big presence in the UK, my understanding looking at the technical specs is that the heating mechanism is is part number 55370 or 54370-03 and manufactured by Balboa Water Group. Which appears to be an older version of the unit here.

Its going to take a little longer to narrow down the right element, please give me a little longer.



Just to update you, this has proven rather difficult as Balboa dont provide a component level parts list (as they dont manufacturer elements), so try and sell a complete heating unit. The heating unit for your hot tub can be found here.

I will continue to try and find a suitable element for you, and come back to you once I know more.



The instructions for replacing the heating element can be found here.

After lengthy investigations, there is no generic part number for the element, you need to speak to your spa parts company and order a 4KW element for a Balboa M7 heater, I found one being sold in the US at the website here which has assigned it part number 25-150-1204, the only company offering them in the UK is via ebay here, which is going for £38 including delivery.

Failing that you are going to have to buy a new M7 heater assembly.

Please let me know if you have any follow on questions, appreciate if you can rate the service received.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi james,
this is really very useful. I will discuss with my son in law, who is more technical and come back to you later today. Thank you so much in the meantime

Hi Desmond, just wanted to check in to see if I can be of any further assistance?

Further to the replacement part identified for your hot tub, I just wanted to see if you had any follow up questions from talking to your son in law, and ask if you can rate the service received.

Many thanks


JamesI and other Pool and Spa Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks James. I will buy the heating element you recommended. Des