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Hi - I recently loaded a very cheap black printer cartridge

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Hi - I recently loaded a very cheap black printer cartridge into my Xerox 6110 MFP, (stupid, I know!) and the printing went faint and patchy very quickly. So I got another (mid-price) cartridge and loaded it, thinking this would improve things, but the printing is as bad as before, if not worse. The other inks are printing fine. Would a proper Xerox cartridge sort out the problem, or is the issue likely to be something else? Many thanks. Becky

Wes :

Hello and welcome to Just Answer. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you today. Testing with another known good toner is the best way to determine this. On some Xerox color printers the colors are not keyed to their individual slots. Meaning you may be able to take another color, magenta for instance, and put it in the black slot and do a black only test. If the toner is the culprit a black test page should print out fine, except in all magenta. If it comes out light, then there is a problem with another part of the printer. You could also purchase a new genuine Xerox toner and use that for the test.

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