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Nathan, Engineer
Category: Printers
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Experience:  Computer networking/repair. 20+ years experience printer repair
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Epson WF-7610, just out of the box. Opened the scanner cover

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Epson WF-7610, just out of the box. Opened the scanner cover as instructed during the installation process. Could not see any packaging to remove. Pressed Blue button as instructed. The carriage moved about 2-3mm and back again. Then came a few clicks as if something was stuck. Carriage returned to extreme RHS so I was unable to lift the cover to install ink cartridges.

Stan Collins

Nathan :

Hi Stan, sorry to hear you're having trouble,

Nathan :

chances are there are some packing material stuck there, either a piece of tape or a little block of foam.

Nathan :

Try looking under the head and see if something is jamming it up there.

Nathan :

There is usually some foam or other packing stuffed into the paper output tray that may need to be popped out

Nathan :

If necessary, try sliding the head gently by hand to see if you can get it to move

Nathan :

If it still isn't coming over on its own, try going into the setup menu, under INK, then to change/replace ink, and that should tell it to move again (assuming no obstructions)


Problem solved. There was an obstruction. The print head seemed to have jumped past a stop (white plastic tab). I lifted the head slightly clear of the obstruction and then moved it past. Now seems to be working. Perhaps it jumped in transit because the packing tape was missing.

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