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VanMagnus Systems
VanMagnus Systems, Engineer
Category: Printers
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Experience:  I have more than 20 years of experience in the Printer Hardware and Software support. A+ certified.
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Advent A10 On the Test Page it is showing 06 Error Code 3507

Customer Question

Advent A10
On the Test Page it is showing 06 Error Code 3507
07 " " 3501
08 " " 3507
09 " " 3507
10 " " 3507
Print also very faint
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  VanMagnus Systems replied 3 years ago.

VanMagnus Systems :

Did this happen just after a Paper Jam????

JACUSTOMER-sep1u6if- :

No. I never had a paper jam with the printer. It has being ongoing for awhile. I was told by Currys retailers that the faint print may be due to the ink drying up as it is not used regularly.It dosent seem to have the corredt time and date on the print also.

VanMagnus Systems :

Still printing lightly?

JACUSTOMER-sep1u6if- :

Yes. Better at the start and about half way through it begins to fade. Yellow and blue colour seems to be more prominent on the end of the Test page

VanMagnus Systems :

Ok, to resolve this issue. You will need to Clean the the Printhead.

VanMagnus Systems :

Do you know how to remove it from your printer???

VanMagnus Systems :

You must remove the Cartrige(s),

VanMagnus Systems :

Then there will be a Grey, White or Black Bar that allows you to remove the Printhead.

JACUSTOMER-sep1u6if- :

I have tried doing it several times just by clicking on the setting for Print head. Otherwise not sure how to remove it. can you explain how I can do it. thank you

VanMagnus Systems :

Here are cleaning instructions....

VanMagnus Systems :
  1. Make sure your printer is on.

  2. Lift the printer access door and wait for the carriage to move to the access position.

    Full Size Image

  3. Remove both ink cartridges and set them aside.

    Full Size Image

  4. Unlatch the used printhead by lifting the button in the centre of the carriage.

    Full Size Image

  5. Lift the used printhead out of the carriage .

    Full Size Image
VanMagnus Systems :

Now here are the instructions on how to clean the Printhead:

VanMagnus Systems :

Steps for Manually Cleaning the Printer Head

Step 1 - Remove the ink tanks and printer head. Remove the ink tanks from the printer head (tank holder) and seal them in a zip lock or other sealable plastic bag. Set them aside, preferably propped upright.

Next remove the printer head (it snaps out). NOTE: You may want to wear latex gloves to help keep ink off your hands.

Step 2 - Soak the printer head. There are multiple suggestions on ways to clean the printer head and all have some variation on the following:

      • Get a small, shallow pan and lay down a layer or two of paper towels in the bottom of the container to protect the printer head circuitry from contact damage.

      • Heat up (via microwave) enough purified/bottled water to cover the paper towels. You can also use a 50/50 mixture of ammonia and distilled water (about a pint will do). Heat the mixture in the microwave for about a minute or so - it should NOT be boiling.

      • Slowly pour the water or mixture over the paper towels so that you have approximately 1/2 inch of liquid in the bottom of the pan.

      • Set the printer head into the container on top of the towels. You should see ink 'bleeding' out. Move the print head to several different spots (about a minute each spot) and shake gently. This will dissolve the ink clogs.

      • If the printer head is badly clogged let it soak for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. You can move it slightly to a different spot every hour or so.

Alternative Soak Method:
Mix a 50/50 solution of warm water and Windex and place in a shallow container, enough to cover the base of the printer head and ink ports. Leave for 2 hours while agitating the unit occasionally. Remove from the mix and lightly scrub the base and internal ink ports with an old soft toothbrush. Do not scrub the gold contacts but don't be concerned if they get wet. Return the unit to the mix for another 2 hours and agitate occasionally. Remove and scrub again as before.

Step 3 - Flush the printer head with water.

Hold the unit under a softly running warm water tap. Place your finger over the tap to create back pressure to allow you to squirt the water into all crevices of the printer head. You should see the gunk build up flow out. Do this until the water runs clear.

Step 4 - Dry the printer head and replace.

          • Remove the printer head and rinse it thoroughly with distilled water. Shake it dry and set it on folded paper towels to air dry. (Some folks use a hair dryer on a low setting to dry the printer head.)

          • Reinsert the printer head and ink tanks. The printer should automatically do a "Printer Head Alignment." If it doesn't, manually perform "Printer Head Alignment" through the printer's utility. Next run a printer head cleaning cycle or two followed by printing a nozzle check pattern to check your progress.

          • Repeat as necessary.

Variations on the Above Steps

      • Soak the printer head in one of the proprietary solutions (Cartridge Flush, Magic Inkjet Flush) specifically designed to clear print heads. Soak the print head for about 10 minutes to overnight depending on the degree of blockage. It has also been reported that you can clean the print head with an electronic toothbrush and cleaning solution for about 20 seconds with excellent results.

      • Use a full eye dropper to flush alcohol through the appropriate ink 'hole(s)' that show inside the printer head unit. Don't rush this: do a drop at a time or you might flood the inside of the unit.

    • Purchase an ultrasonic cleaner. Wash the printer head under the water tap to remove excess ink. Load the cleaner with the printer head and water so that the printer head rests lengthways in the cleaner with the electrical contact surface visible. Repeat the cleaning program a few times, using clean water in each program.

4- If any of the other cartridges are low, empty, leaking or bulging, replace them with genuine and original ones.

5- Then turn off the machine and unplug it for 60 seconds

6- Insert the cartridges and check to see if the issue persists.

VanMagnus Systems :

This is a 90 to 180 minute process.

VanMagnus Systems :

So I will be back in 90 minutes...

JACUSTOMER-sep1u6if- :

Dont have any of the solutions so i will have to purchase tomorrow. Iwill get back to you when i have done this process. thank you

VanMagnus Systems :

OK, not an issue Sir or Man....