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Freddy M.
Freddy M., Technician
Category: Printers
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Experience:  Years of experience
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hello Freddy trouble with the my Canon MG2150 printer again I

Customer Question

hello Freddy
trouble with the my Canon MG2150 printer again
I changed the ink and now the printer does not recognise the cartridge, although it is exactly the same! (541 colour, 540 black)
I tried cleaning; I tried opening and closing; I tried switching off and on
- sometimes, between support code 1401, it pops up with error support code 306 (which I solved by deleting the printer and re-adding it); but it keeps happening!
and then I am back to problem 1401 again
any help much appreciated
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  Freddy M. replied 3 years ago.
The cartridge issue is different than the 1401 error but the fact that both are happening is a very bad sign. I know you may have told me before but how old is your machine? How did you try cleaning the ink cartridges?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

with a clean tissue

don't know how old it is - it worked brilliantly since you helped me install it.
But unfortunately I had to change the ink today ...

I am confused though about this 'just answer' system;

I think I've been guided to someone else apparently - although I tried to follow your name on top and asked a new question
I don't want to muck anyone about with their time ...

Expert:  Freddy M. replied 3 years ago.
From what I can see this is the only question you have open and it is only with me right now. You may be seeing an ad of another expert and their statistics. I helped you get it working around 2 months ago. Has anything changed with it since then other than changing the cartridges? Are the cartridges Canon? Do you know if it is over or under a year old?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

over a year, and yes, it has been working great
the cartridges are canon, the exact same as I had before

it might have been an add then ...

Expert:  Freddy M. replied 3 years ago.
This is not a good sign Stefanie, I wish I could say we would be able to get it working properly again but it looks like you have a failing logic board. To find out for sure, we would need to test it with a different computer and the old cartridges. If the same thing happens it means the board has failed and needs to be board replaced. It is similar to the motherboard in a computer, it could cause the 1401 error as the port is integrated into it, and the cartridge issue as the print head relies on it.

Unfortunately the board can be expensive and it is usually cheaper to replace the machine itself. Due to the price some people do decide to replace the machine if it is more than a year old if you decide to go that route I would be happy to help you find a replacement. If this machine was under a year old Canon will normally cover the part under warranty. If you have any questions or need any help following these steps click on reply to expert and let me know. If not please consider leaving a positive rating for my help it is greatly appreciated.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

this is super bad news ...
I just paid £32 for new cartridges and £15 for your advise and will have to get a new printer ....
not a happy thursday!

I just tried to reinsert the old cartridges and ditto with another computer ... the same sign seems to pop up.


could I ask you though - I have an old HP Photosmart D5360 that should work, only my computer does not read it ...
when I go to preference and choose it, it reads it and says in use - but when I try to print, it says off line ...
Have you got any advise how I could get that to work?
many thanks again


Expert:  Freddy M. replied 3 years ago.
For that you may want to try the same steps we used for this printer before. Only you will want to remove this one completely as well. The two printers could be conflicting causing the HP error. If you would like I can help you find a replacement, I can also give you a list of printers compatible with the cartridges you bought if you would like me to. Unfortunately I can only help with the Canon on this page, anything further for the HP I can not do in this question but a reinstall like what we did before should help.