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HP CP3525x. Yellow toner is getting onto the centre of the

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HP CP3525x. Yellow toner is getting onto the centre of the spongy roller and then onto the paper.
Hello my name is***** look forward to assisting and am very sorry to hear that you are having this problem.
Can you explain or describe a little more what you mean by the "spongy roller"?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When you open panel 1 at the back of the printer their is small tray that has a spongy lift out roller in it, it is the only spongy roller in the printer as far as I am aware, all the others are hard rollers. I have tried cleaning this roller with both a brush and a damp cloth but as soon as I print anything yellow toner is getting onto this roller, only in the centre of it, and then of course onto the paper.


The first thing to check is the toner itself, if you remove the yellow is it leaking? Also from what I can see your machine should only have doors on the sides and the front. Is this the one you mean?


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No the toner isn't leaking and yes you're right the doors are at the sides as per your image.

If the toner was leaking presumably it would be coming out of the bottom of the cartridge, which it isn't.

Until heated the toner is basically a powder so it would not fall out, you would need to shake it a bit in order to tell for sure. Was that image the correct door or is it one of these?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It's the door where your arrow is pointing to. When I shook the toner a little did come out of the bottom.

Unfortunately then the toner cartridge is leaking. When shook nothing should come out of it, it should only distribute the toner inside the cartridges itself. I would clean the roller and then replace the toner cartridge. If for some reason (it should not) the new cartridge does the same thing let me know so we can continue. If you have any questions at all click on reply to expert and let me know. If not please don’t forget to leave a positive rating for my help - it is greatly appreciated. Please note you are rating me only not this site or your HP.
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