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I have a Kodak ESP C310 all in one printer; Home Center Software

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I have a Kodak ESP C310 all in one printer; Home Center Software version; Service No M015050.
Is there any way I can get into the back of the printer? The roller inside isn't picking up the paper and feeding it through for printing/copying

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is***** will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

It is recommended that the roller be cleaned with Cleaning Sheets and a Cleaning Pad, if at all possible, which are made for the purpose to be used with Kodak printers, and which do not necessitate the disassembly of the printer.

Though the company Kodak has had some difficulties lately (to say the least), some such Cleaning supplies for Kodak printers are still sold.

However, whether these Cleaning supplies would work with a Kodak printer of your model is another matter... they are intended for scanners made by Kodak.

If the roller in question is the one for feeding from the tray on the upper back of the printer, then that is reachable by removing the paper from that tray, removing the tray itself if possible (and if not, putting its paper guides far apart) and then, reaching into the printer via that upper-back tray, with a clean lint-free high-quality rag cloth moistened in rubbing alcohol, rubbing the roller you will find there, firmly, all over its paper-contacting surfaces, three times over.
(If only one side of the roller is accessible at a time, either try holding that alcohol-moistened cloth against the roller while the printer tries to feed paper - cautiously! lest your hand be injured, and without any paper in the printer of course.)

After the cleaning is done, you may allow 5+ minutes for drying time, before reloading paper and trying again.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I don't think that answers my query; I dropped a pen into the back when I tipped over a box of pens, and had to turn it upside down and shake it to get the pen out. I think the roller has come loose inside; is there any way to get it back?

Many thanks

I think that if you have shaken a roller loose, it may shake back into place.

Give the printer a few bumps (lift it up a half inch and set it down) and see if that helps.

After that, unfortunately, you may need the printer to be disassembled and loose items, paperclips, etc. extracted from the gears and/or circuitry, or whatever came loose put back again, or some other problem associated with the shaking out of the pen, put to rights.

Of course, try a hard reset (as well as the bumping of the printer while it is in-place and upright) first:
- unplug it while it is On, sharply and suddenly.
- leave it that way for 1/2 hour or more.
- plug in again, turn On if needed, see if it works.
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