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Sowrav D.
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Hi My Brother printer is not working. It said I should carry

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My Brother printer is not working. It said I should carry out routine maintenance (cleaning). I have done this, following the instructions in the manual but still no result.
Thanks for posting your question. My name is Sowrav and I will try to help you today.

Do you see any error message, like "Unable to Clean" etc, on the printer display ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.


Yes it says 'Unable to clean' on the printer display, as well as the instructions to carry out routine maintenance


"unable to print " it means the self clean feature is not working.This is normally caused by full or saturated waste ink pads or absorbers.The absorbers can be replaced from any local repair shop.But, before that follow the steps below, to reset the printer. If this does not help, then you have to replace the pads from the repair shop.

You can also watch the video from the link below for the same instructions, the printer model may vary from yours, but the steps will be same.

Please click on the "Reply To Expert" tab below and let me know, if you need any help.

Reset Instructions

It should be pointed out there are some variances of the button names which can include:

  • Set / OK could be referred to as Set/OK, Set or OK.
  • Mono Start could be referred to as Mono Start, Mono or it could be a simple grey key.
  • Stop / Exit could be referred to as Stop/Exit, Stop, Exit or it could be a simple red key

To get started turn the machine on and wait for it to start up.

  1. Press the Set/OK button, then Menu, then Mono Start followed by the up arrow key four times. These buttons have to be pressed independently and should be done in rapid succession. If you have done this stage right you should be presented with the word ‘maintenance’.
  2. Using the Up/Down arrow keys select the number 8 and then press Set/OK. Then select the number 0 and then press Set/OK.
  3. At this point we need to get in to the Purge option which, depending on the machine will either be a case of pressing Mono Start repeatedly or using the Up/Down arrow. We recommend trying one method and if it isn’t right for your machine turn the printer off and back on again, start the process from the beginning then try the second method.
  4. Once PURGE is on the screen (usually the word purge will be followed by a reading indicating how much ink has been deposited) use the up/down arrows and the set/ok key again to enter the numbers 2, 7, 8 and then 3 on the screen.
  5. The number after PURGE should now reset to zero. Press the Stop/Exit key to go back to the main maintenance mode menu.
  6. Using the up/down and SET/OK keys enter 9 and then 9 again to exit maintenance mode.

The printer should now reset and the level of ink recorded as being present in the waste ink sponge should be reset back to zero. Any errors relating to ‘Unable to Clean’ or ‘Error 46’ should have disappeared and the printer should function as normal.

If the printer is still yielding the same error message then please try going through the routine again from the beginning.
Sowrav D. and 5 other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you for your help. I will try that tomorrow, too tired now. Will let you know how I get on.


No problem.