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VanMagnus Systems
VanMagnus Systems, Engineer
Category: Printers
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Experience:  I have more than 20 years of experience in the Printer Hardware and Software support. A+ certified.
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Kodak esp.1.2 Screen says 'paper jam' code 3524. There is

Customer Question

Kodak esp.1.2 Screen says 'paper jam' code 3524.
There is no jam, have stripped out paper feed, ink cartridges and replaced all, but still claims 'paper jam'
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Printers
Expert:  VanMagnus Systems replied 3 years ago.
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Hello and thank you for choosing JA for your IT support needs. Sorry for this issue. Please try the steps below:

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Check your paper :

  1. Make sure that your paper or other media (such as labels, card stock or labels) meets the specified requirements for your printer. Media specifications are listed in your printer Extended User Guide.

  2. If the paper has been exposed to a damp environment, replace it with fresh paper that has been sealed in a wrapper.

Make sure the paper is loaded correctly:

IMPORTANT: Refer to your printer Extended User Guide for detailed loading instruction for various media types.

  1. Always fan the paper stack before placing it into the paper tray. This will help prevent pages from sticking together.

  2. Do not overload the tray. While troublshooting, loading only between 5 to 20 sheets in the tray.

  3. Do not load more than one type of paper in the tray.

  4. When loading photo paper, or special media, make sure the correct side is facing up. (Media orientation requirements vary by printer model, refer to your printer Extended User Guide.)

  5. Slide the paper into the tray until it stops.

  6. Move the paper-edge guides until they touch the paper.

  7. Make sure the printer is seated on a flat, hard, level surface

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