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Russell H.
Russell H., Printer and Office
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I have a Canon MG 5650 printer, which prints A4 size photos

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I have a Canon MG 5650 printer, which prints A4 size photos perfectly but will not feed 6x4 paper for these pictures, it constantly tells me there is no paper. I have cleaned the roller bar to no avail and the only way I can get it to print sometimes is to moisten the top edge of the paper. Obviously this is not ideal and it does not work all the time any way. I am fast losing the will!
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

It sounds as if roller cleaning of a more effective type would be the ideal thing to try first.

If there is a rubber or plastic roller that propels the photo paper into the printer, try cleaning it, by moistening a sheet of clean lint-free high-quality rag cloth, and letting it a little way under that roller when it tries to feed in for a print job (a paper jam or paper out message will be the result... and be sure not to let the cloth get into the printer any further than an inch or so under the rollers, or the cloth may get tangled in the printer, the printer may be damaged, etc.)
This is done, of course, with the paper tray or feed slot in question empty of paper, of course.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I should have said initially that I have only had this printer for 6 months and have barely used it for printing out my photos because of the paper feed problem. My husband insists it is something I am doing wrong - I think it is more likely to be faulty, but because it will print out on A4 size paper perfectly I am at a loss. When you suggest using cloth, do you mean a piece of cotton cloth? Alternatively, should I contact Canon instead?

Linen cloth would be less lint-distributing, I suspect, but lint-free cotton rag cloth would do.

You may have to contact Canon indeed - in order to invoke warranty protections and get free servicing for the problem.

If you are following any sort of directions in details, step-by-step, as to photo printing, then it is *not* your fault that it isn't working right.

But check these points:

- are you using Canon-approved photo paper, approved for this model of printer? If you name what brand/type/part-# ***** paper stock you are using, then I can check on that.

- is the paper being put in upside-down? often photo paper needs to be one particular side up, or it won't feed right or won't print right.

- are you putting the paper in so that it is sensed by the printer is '4 by 6' instead of '6 by 4' inch paper? This can be quite crucial, photo paper has to be inserted a certain orientation, not just 'either way and I will adjust settings'.

- are you actually printing *to* the particular paper feed source? if not, you may be directing the paper be fed from an area or tray of the printer that has no paper in it, thus the 'no paper' message.

If you need help with any of the above points to check on, let me know and I will instruct you in more detail.

If you conclude the printer is defective because you are using the right paper in the right way and with the right printer settings, and a cleaning of the paper feed roller does not help, then you need to contact Canon UK about printer repair under warranty terms.

Canon UK may be contacted at
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am using Kodak premium photo paper. I have got the orientation right and I am putting the paper in upside down . perhaps you would check that the paper is ok . Many thanks. By the way sorry I take so long to reply- I am a nurse and work shifts so it is not always possible to deal with things promptly

Canon would only recommend using Canon-made paper.

You don't have to consider yourself under any kind of pressure to get back to this case, or to try out my recommendation as to roller cleaning, in any kind of urgent time-frame, Angela.

(Your profession of nurse is one that I highly respect. And I understand the long hours, and the shift work, completely. Get back to this case at your convenience, and no sooner is necessary to me.)

Checking on the photo paper recommended for your printer:

Plain Paper
Canon Pro Platinum (PT-101)
Canon Pro Luster (LU-101)
Canon Plus Glossy II (PP-201)
Cano Plus Semi-gloss (SG-201)
Canon "Everyday Use" (GP-501)
Canon Matte (MP-101)
Canon High Resolution Paper (HR-101N)
Canon Photo Stickers (PS-101)
Canon T-Shirt Transfer (TR-301)

Of course that's all Canon-made.

(I may need to emphasize and make clear: sometimes photo paper does not work well when the wrong 'face' is used to print upon... or to propel the paper through. That was my concern when I asked if you were using the right 'side' of the paper - the faces, not so much the orientation of the edges.)
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