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HP PSC 1110 all in one. Paper jammed recently and the only

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HP PSC 1110 all in one. Paper jammed recently and the only way I could get it out was to pull a chunk from the front as it hadn't gone thru' to the back. I must have damaged something as the check paper light keeps flashing. I have got rid of the backlog of unsuccessful printouts on the Status. On the Windows 7 the status is 'paper jammmed'. The rollers seem to rotate freely, and seem clean, I have searched with a torch bits of secreted paper, I have checked the ink cartridges, which move freely from left to right and taken them both out and replaced them. Not only can I not print from the computer, but the PSC won't print manually either. Everything is plugged in and replaced and being a beginner but persistent, I have spent several hours trying to get even a printout. Help would be much appreciated.
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I don't know, what else to tell you, as you have done everything possible to solve the problem. It seems, when you have removed the paper from the printer, the sensor which senses the paper jam got damaged or dislodged from its place, this is not any rare problem,most of the people face this problem, those who remove the paper from the front.

The sensor nowadays used are very fragile and delicate and can get damage due to little mis handling , unfortunately the sensors cannot be replaced at home, as it is not a user replaceable parts.

If you still want to replace the sensor at home then, le me know and I will try to find a service manual printer, which will help you dismantle the printer, because without doing that, you will not able to repair the printer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
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I was satisfied with answer. HOW MUCH IS A NEW SENSOR LIKELY TO COST? and can you supply this?
Sorry , we do not sell sensor, in fact you will not get it anywhere, except from the repair shops. Please let me know, if you need any further help, otherwise please remember to give positive rating, as that is the only way I am compensated time and effort.
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