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I have a canon iP110 printer brand new new and it will not

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I have a canon iP110 printer brand new new and it will not feed the paper through. It put the initial set up card and thats it

Sometimes the rollers become dirty and cause the paper to slip. This can cause the paper not to pick up or even cause a paper jam because the sensors do not see the paper pass in a certain amount of time.

To fix the problem, use a damp paper towel with water or Windex and clean the rollers. Start where the paper touches the printer and look for white, gray, and black rollers. Use your fingers to move the rollers as much as you can to clean them. Open the printer and clean the other rollers you can find as well.

Open each cover front, top, and back of the printer and look for pieces of paper in the rollers. Move the rollers with your fingers to clean and move any loose paper out as well

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

how do you get to the rollers

Open the main cover where the ink cartridges are and look inside. You will see some rollers. They may be difficult to get to.
If you are unable to reach them, then the printer will need to be professionally serviced since it will need to be taken apart for cleaning. Unfortunlatey, this means that the cost for service may be the same cost as a new printer.
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