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My MG3550 insists that there is paper jammed inside the printer.

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My MG3550 insists that there is paper jammed inside the printer. The 'trouble shooter' tells me how to open the back & remove it. That would be great except that there is no paper anywhere in the machine. How can it be persuaded of this so can actually use it again? AMR west yorks
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Let me know the error code if you have any on the screen
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

no code on screen @ present - error lamp makes flashes in groups of 3. Shall i ask it to print something again& see if a code comes up?

there should be a support code like = 1300, 1303, 1304
Support Code = 1250
with flashing error light 3 times
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Tried to print _ came up with support code 1303

Paper is jammed at the paper output slot.
Remove the jammed paper slowly with both hands.
Press the printer's Start button.
copy and paste the link to view the video how to remove paper jam from output slot.
Try to open the cover and remove the ink cartridges and use a flash light to see deep in as there must be a piece of paper clips, paper sticker or something which might be stuck inside the printer.
let me know how old is the printer.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

This problem occured whilst printing a multipage download. It had happened once and I successfully removed a sheet of paper from the back - it came out intact, flat with no corners or other bits missing. When it came up again again I could not see any paper stuck in there. I have now looked inside again more thoroughly using a bright lamp and large magnifying glass. If there is anything in there that shouldn't be it is well out of sight without taking the machine to bits. It is only a few months old. I reckon my best bet is just to replace it. Agree?

The electrical sensor and parts which receives signal from the mechanical paper sensor to detect jam may have issues either there is dust on it or its gone bad and might need to be replaced. You can first open up the printer and blow air in it use a compressed air to remove all dust. If it doesn't work then then the printer needs a repair due to sensor problem. Printer in warranty then you have to contact the manufacturer for a replacement. Remove the cartridges and keep it in an airtight container till you get a replacement printer.
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