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Sudipto, Engineer
Category: Printers
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When i print photos with any weight glossy paper i a getting

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when i print photos with any weight glossy paper i a getting a dozen lines as if it is trying to perforate my photos i have done the usual operations ie feed roller cleaning nozell cleaning to no avail, i am wondering if there is any pressure setting for the print paper
hope you can help
WELCOME TO JUST ANSWER!! My name is***** will assist you to solve or identify your problem.

I am very sorry to hear about the problem and I know, how it feels, when a fine working device just start creating problems without any reason. But, there is nothing caused without any reason. The problem you are facing is caused due to mechanical fault or incorrect paper settings. As you are using this type of paper and printer for a long time, so I assume that, the paper settings are correct.

Now, this can happen, when the rollers do not work properly, because when we select a particular type of paper for printing the rollers move apart according to their thickness and move the paper inside the printer. If the paper settings are wrong or there is some mechanical fault the rollers cannot make the required gap to move the paper and that is why you are seeing the roller impression on the paper, there is one more thing, which can cause this problem, if any roller is broken or any gear is loose.

In this type of problem, you may face this thing with one type of paper instead of all the papers, if the mechanical fault is severe then, you will see this on every type of paper.

Now, the solution for this problem is dismantling the printer and checking inside for the malfunctioning parts and changing it. Unfortunately, it is not possible at home. So, you have to send it for repair. If you want to repair the printer at home then, you have to dismantle the printer, as it is not possible for me do that. I can help you to find the defective part.

Honestly speaking, if the printer more than 3 years old then, the cost of repairing will be high, as the parts of a 3 year old printer is not available easily.
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