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Pixma ix4000 prints 3 colours OK but the blue shows a alternate

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Pixma ix4000 prints 3 colours OK but the blue shows a alternate solid ble and 50% blue. The same thing happens when printing the alignment check - top blue band is half solid and half tint.
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are these authenticate ink cartridges or refills?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Just bought the printer second hand - have checked and all cartridges are authentic Canon and the machine indicates they have adequate ink.

ok, the most common cause is the ink cartridge itself, especially if their old and have dried up to some extent (the computer wont detect this).
As the first step Paul, can you please replace the cartridge and tell me please if you still have the issue.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I understand that they are quite new - the 3 coloured ones register 'full'. Would it help if I emailed the printout of the nozzle check?

No it wouldn't sorry poor.
Even if they are said to be new, they can be faulty. Its the most common cause for this problem, but I can see there is hesitation on your side to do this, so we can then move on to the print head and manually clean this to rule this out.
To do this its a little involved, so follow the steps carefully below please
Remove the side covers.
Remove the ink loader assembly. There are 2 connectors on the ink loader. SO remove it slowly.
Remove the spring guides on the print head. One on each side, Held in my one torx screw.
Remove the spring bracked assembly on the left side of the printer, it puts pressure on the XY axis motor to position the print head. Just pop it off and position it up and to the left of the bracket.
Remove the steel square block on the left bottom side of the frame.
Unplug the harness and ribbon cables and then from the back of the printer, remove the print head, be careful not to hit the drum.
Then soak the printhead in warm soapy water and give it a good clean. Then dry it out completely.
Then to Install the print head, the ribbon cables are somewhat difficult to plug back in, Just be patient. and make sure they are connected firmly.
Also when replacing the cables and harness, be sure they are routed corectly so the print head does not get bound on them.
Set the print head into position and install the steel block, then the spring bracket on the XY motor, then the spring brackets in the proper positions.
Dont forget to put that spring bracket back on, It is easy to over look.
Make sure all things are plugged in on the print head.
Next reinstall the ink loader, make sure all connectors are connected.
Install the covers and you are done.
Take your time, probably should take about an hour. Just to it carefully and methodically.
Then try to print.
Let me know the results please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I am in my 80th year and don't feel I can do that! Have ordered a set of cartridges; will try them out and report back to you. My 'reluctance' is due to an urgent print requirement...

Understood Paul, I just always work from the most common causes for this problem.
Let me know how you go please.
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