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How can i download the driver kodak g610 printer dock

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how can i download the driver for a kodak g610 printer dock from the kodak easy share cd
Hi, My name is ***** ***** i will be assisting youLet me know the operating system installed on the computer on which you want to install the kodak printer dock
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
windows 7
KODAK EASYSHARE G610 Printer Dock Firmware - WINDOWS Operating Systems compatible are Windows Xp, Windows Vista, Windows 2000
There is no dock driver for windows 7 as its not compatible.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
is there anything I can do?
yes you can. Download and install virtual xp server on windows 7 once you have xp installed in it then you can download the xp firmware to make the dock work.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
where is a good place to download and install virtual xp server on windows 7
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks I will try this.
There is an optional Remote Connect Service - Quick ResolutionRemote access is an optional additional service offer with a minimal one-time flat fee ($36). It is 100% safe which will allow me directly work on the problem and can be fixed quickly, you can sit back and watch your screen while i fix it for you. Let me know if you need the additional service or else we can continue with the service you have already opted for.let me know if you want to opt for remote assistance.
Michelle and 2 other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, this would be a good idea, what do I need to do to start this
click here for remote access
in the page that opens agree to the disclaimer, download and run the fileallow it to install
Customer hi, michelle this side Customer i am now connected to your computer Customer you can chat with me on this chat box
Guest: ok Customer please leave the mouse and i will install virtual xp
Guest: ok Customer i have checked your computer settings Customer windows xp mode will not run on youre computer\as for running xp mode the windows7 version shoukd be preferably 64 bit and either professional, ultimate or business edition Customer you however have a 32 bitwindows 7 home premium version Customer as a result windows xp mode willnoy install on the computer Customer please let me know that is the easyshare disc isnerted in the computer
Guest: yes it is a easyshare disk Customer ok i will check the files on it Customer is the printer connected to the computer via docking port
Guest: just switched it on Customer ok Customer the printer dock g610 does not have a comptaible software for windows 7 as i had told you initially Customer thw workaround was to install xp mode and use it Customer however for xp mode too your computer does not meet the requirements as its windows 7 home premium whereas xp mode will work on windows 7 7 pro and ultimate editions Customer the chances of the dock working on windows 7 are almost nil Customer however let me give a last try Customer give me few mins and i will check if there is any chance of installting xp mode on this pc
Guest: ok tks Customer are you there
Guest: yes Customer i might have to restart computer once..i should ideally get reconnected a rare case that i dont open your email and open the just answer email and click view response..our chat page will open...reply to me Customer i will share a new remote link in that case
Guest: thats great Customer this workaround seems to be responding positively till now the one i am fingers are crossed..lets hope for the best
Guest: hopfully it works Customer i will restart now
Guest: ok Customer if after restart you do not gte my chat window after 3-4 mins, open just answer email and reply to me by clicking on view repsonse
Guest: k Customer hi..i am reconnected Customer did the computer restart Customer ?
Guest: yes it did Customer great Customer i will work further now Customer we should be getting a final idea if this owuld work on your pc or not once this last download finishes Customer thanks a lot for your patience Customer thats downloaded file seemed to have got stuck Customer however since almost 75% of what i did has worked...i have an iso image on my pc Customer i will try to transfer that to your computer so that it works as we have invested so much of time and effort on this..i would like this to work for you Customer give me few mins..let me figure out how ican transfer that file from my pc to yours Customer PLEASE LEAVE THE MOUSE Customer please leave the mouse Customer and if yoir caps lock key is on..turn it off Customer please leav ethe mouse Customer please leave the mouse Customer finally seems to be going somewhere Customer lets hope for the best Customer i appreciate your patience as installing xp mode is a time consuming process
Guest: i am greatful for your help. i wasn't moving the mouse ealier Customer ok i had a connection issue and was unbale to use the mouse..i thought maybe it was an activity from your side Customer maybe it was a connection drop on our remote link Customer as you can see windows xp is getting installed Customer once its installed, we can install the printer dock on this Customer then you can use printer from within vmware Customer this will save you from using another computer with windows xp for printing
Guest: i must say you have put in some effort Customer thanks..glad to hear when our customers appreciate our time and effort spent Customer :)
Guest: the members of the youth club will be greatful when they can use this printer at the santa party Customer yes sure..i will try my level best to get this working for you
Guest: thanks Customer this way indirectly i will be a part of the santa party
Guest: i will let them all know who helped us Customer yipeee xp loaded..i will now install the printer dock Customer thanks for your patience Customer please let me know that does the kodak printer dock has any camera mounted on it Customer wha i meant to ask was that does it have any stored photos
Guest: it can have a camera mounted on it. also one can print from the photos on the computer Customer yes just wanted to confirm Customer i have done what was the best possible Customer i will attempt a print Customer if it detects it then it means it worked Customer but if not then unfortunately all my effort went in vain Customer the dock will not work on this computer Customer le me try now
Guest: if i turn the dock off then on again Customer you can turn off and on once Customer let me know once done
Guest: its powered up Customer k Customer i am sorry but this seems to have not worked Customer i am trying the update but dont think it will help Customer still giving a tryjust in caser Customer darn i am so sorry it did not accept the printer dock
Guest: sorry for putting you through all this Customer no need to be sorry about it Customer it was effort from both of us Customer unfortunately it did not work as we wanted it to
Guest: i will have to find someone with xp on their lap top Customer yes or maybe another printer for this computer Customer yes i understand Customer i will be closing this session Customer just was closing any stuck windows
Guest: i have to go now to get ready for job interview Customer i hope you are satisfied with my effort on this Customer i will close this session now Customer bye
Guest: thanks for your help 10 out 10 for effort