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Canon 7110cw can't connect to PC either via WiFi or Ethernet,

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Canon 7110cw can't connect to PC either via WiFi or Ethernet, but USB works. How can I get it to wirelessly connect again (it was configured that way originally)
Hello. My name is ***** ***** I can help you with your problem. Before you can install the drivers on our computer, your printer must be connected to your wifi network. This is done using the printer control panel. Your printer may not recognize WPS. You can perform the setup procedure by entering the name of your wireless network (SSID) and, for a protected network, the password (Network Security Key). Please let m know if you have any problems with this. Also, I need more information about your pc or mac. What is your computer operating system?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Joel,Thank you for the response. I would be able to handle that, but where can I find the printer control panel? I am using a PC running Windows 10... The printer was formerly configured for WiFi and ran through and iMac, in case that's relevant. As this model has no front panel and no way to configure it directly, I'm at a loss as to how to connect it to the network.
It appears from the picture of your printer that it has a limited control panel with a few buttons and indicator lights. It has a power button, a cancel button, and a connect button. Beside the connect button is the symbol for wireless connectivity. However, without a display screen there is not much you can do with the connect button except to initiate a connection. I am checking for more information on this.
WPS is a Wireless Protected Setup, which is initiated by a push button. Normally, this is a button on the wireless router. However, you have a button on the printer. Which button are you referring to?
I've got the Wireless Setup Guide now, and I have answered the above question. If you have a WPS button on your router, you need to use both buttons. First, press and hold the wifi connect button on the printer until the wireless indicator light begins flashing. Then, within 2 minutes, press and hold the WPS button on the router until the wireless indicator light on the router begins flashing or turns on.
When the wifi indicator light on the printer turns solid blue, you are connected wirelessly. Then you can proceed to install the print server drivers on your computer. There are other ways to connect, if you do not have WPS, or if it does not work. Please let me know if you are having problems with this.
Do you have the CD with the software drivers on it? If not, I can send you a link to download the drivers from the web.
I found this information in the Wireless Setup Guide on how to set up the wireless connection without WPS and without a control panel on the printer. It is done using the usb cable to provide a connection, so that the process can be controlled and displayed on the computer. The usb cable is connected until the wireless connection is established.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi Joel. I thjink we are in very distant time-zones...
I have tried the WPSroute several times, but always have the same inssue. When the printer is switched on, the blue WiFi light blinks for about ten minutes, then goes out. No need to press the button, as this happens automatically. Pressing the WPS on the router has no effect during this time.
So, I will hook it up to the PC by USB and try to configure that way. I will let you know if successful.
Greetings. I am on the west coast of the United States. Your time zone (GMT) is eight (8) hours later than mine (PST). I can usually handle the time difference. I apologize for the problems we have been having establishing communications. I have done a lot of research on your problem, which is more difficult, because your printer has a limited control panel. Canon compensates for this by offering extensive software control and a 500 page manual describing it. The printer can be controlled from your computer using the usb cable connection to install and execute the control software. This includes setting up the wireless connection, which can be done two ways: (1) With WPS, by initiating the sequence on the printer with the wifi button followed by initiating the router response(within 2 minutes) with the WPS button, or (2) executing the easy setup procedure on your computer, in which the computer scans and displays the network name and the network security key is entered manually. Unfortunately, I do not think either of these will work while the wifi connection light is flashing on its own after power up, because this indicates an error condition. You mentioned that the light stops flashing after about ten (10) minutes. It may work after the wifi connection light stops flashing on its own. That is worth trying. However, it is more likely that the error condition will need to be reset manually. I have been searching the manual for a way to do this, and I have not found one yet. I will let you know when I find something.
Please try this and let me know what happens. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power cable for about five minutes. Then connect the power cable and turn on the printer. If the wifi connection light starts flashing (blue), wait until it stops flashing (after 10 minutes) and goes out. Then press and hold the wireless connection button on the printer until the wifi light begins flashing again (in response to pushing the button). Then press (and hold) the WPS button on the router (within 2 minutes) until an indicator light begins flashing on the router. Allow the process to continue until complete. If successful, the wifi connection light on the printer will stop flashing and remain on, a steady blue light indicating a wireless connection.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just going through that routine now.
The good news is that I was able to get it functioning via USB connection, so that should provide a pathway to reconfigure per your last comments. WiFi is preferred due to the location of the printer, so I will keep trying. A 500 page manual, seriously! They promote it as "easy set-up"...
The user manual is really overdone. It has descriptions of everything. Most of them are unnecessary, since they are intuitive anyway. Good job on the usb functions. Has the blue light stopped flashing?
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