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Nathan, Engineer
Category: Printers
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Experience:  Computer networking/repair. 20+ years experience printer repair
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I have a canon pixma 5350 printer. It is now not printing

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i have a canon pixma 5350 printer.
It is now not printing but returns a white sheet of paper.
It displayed an error message stating a new print head was needed.
A canon original was purchased and fitted
new cartridges were also fitted at the same time
this has allowed access to the printers function screen.
the result is a white paper output when asked for a test print.
the head has been refitted and the cartridges.
the printer has been reset waiting 5 minutes before replugging.
no error messages are displayed.
when doing a test print it goes through all of its procedures and gives out a white sheet of paper.
head cleaning has been done and the ink level diagram shows the now lower levels in the tanks suggesting that the ink is flowing through the print head.
does this suggest a main circuit board fault?
i thank you for your time
Hello, I’m Nathan, and I’ll be assisting you today. My livelihood depends on your positive feedback, so your satisfaction is my highest priority. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Yes, this would leave only the possibility of a faulty logic board (main pcb), if the head has already been replaced.It is not at all surprising to see this type of failure though on a 2011 model printer. These machines are built for a maximum 3 year service life, so it is unfortunate that you made the investment in a new head even. In general, they are not considered worth fixing at all, especially in the case of buying a new printhead, as you can buy a brand new printer with a fresh warranty for the same price as the head part. The logic board is most certainly not worth pursuing - it is not a user level repair and the part alone will be twice as much as a new printer.Your best option here would be to return that new head (if possible) and purchase a new model at this point. Best regards, ***** ***** for the news,Nathan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you for this
I like canon printers
I am looking for one similar that will scan and print as required and is an Air printer to link in with my mac.
have you any suggestions?
Certainly, though to be quite honest I would not recommend the canon brand in general. Their consumer grade inkjet printer quality has gone down significantly in recent years. If looking for a replacement, I’d recommend any of the Epson workforce series printers. They tend to be very reliable, are easy to set up and use, have good print quality, and reasonably priced ink. Example: or If you prefer canon:
Nathan and 3 other Printers Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you for your advise which i followed.
I bought an Epson printer from PC world.
the model i chose was the only one they had in that printed direct to cd.
I had an issue with it however which they quickly and efficiently dealt with.
On installing it at home the printer went bang ,flashed ,and through flames from the bottom!!!
somewhat exciting!!!
pcworld replaced it immediately with no question .
thank you again for your help
That is quite an ordeal, I have never in all my time working with these machine had one shooting flames! I'm glad it was resolved for you though and hope the new one gives you no trouble.