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Can you tell me who can repair my 10 year old Canon Pixma MP

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Can you tell me who can repair my 10 year old Canon Pixma MP 780 Version 10.4.11 printer.
I can't buy a new one because I can't find one that will support Version 10.4.11. Many repairers I have tried can't help because of the age -- even Canon.
If I can"get it repaired I will have to buy a new computer as well and I can't afford to at moment.
Hi Mr.Walker. Welcome to justanswer.Have you tried contacting Canon's local repair center. You can locate your nearest center from this link and contact them if they can help or not. CLICK HEREThere are many printers which are compatible with your system. CLICK HERE to get the list. Scroll down to see the listed models. Moreover Brother printers provide support for almost all operating systems available.
Also tell me what is the problem with your printer?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My printer prints black ok but when i attempt to print colour the result is stripey and distorted colour. It is a canon MP780 and is 10 years old
Have you tried changing the cartridges?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I have changed the cartridges to no avail. I contacted Canon who told me that they do not support version10.4.11, and none of their new printers are compatible with my computer. I have also contacted Epsom, HP, Brother and Dell and they have told me exactly the same. My computer is a Mac OS X Version 10.4.11 and my printer that has failed is a Canon Pixma MP780. My apologies I stated this wrongly in my initial question.
Yes your printer does not support your operating system. But it can surely be repaired by any local store of canon as the repair has nothing to do with the operating system. CLICK THIS LINK to locate nearest repair shop.But the list that I gave you lists all the printers which are compatible with your operating system.To view the models CLICK HERE. If you want to buy a new printer for your Mac then you can choose any of these.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I do not understand you. I have contacted Canon as I said and they say they can't repair it because it is too old and they no longer stock the parts it may need. The other suppliers I mentioned told me the same.They and Canon also told me that they could not sell me a new printer because their new printers will not work with my 10 year old MAC OS X Version 10.
Well in that case you can either upgrade your Operating System to El Capitan or you will need to change your system as well as printer. Thank you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Canon have told me that my operating system will not upgrade to El Capitan.
That maybe because of the hardware configuration. Then I am sorry but you will need to change your printer as well as your system.
Would you like to rate the chat POSITIVELY or you have any other query.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry -I thought your last comment was your conclusion.
I can not afford to buy a new computer at the moment, it appears then that all I can do is to continuing trying to find someone who can repair my printer OR buy a new one that will suit my Mac OS X Version10.4.11.I can see no point in wading through the very extensive list of computers you have given me if the manufacturers are telling me they will not support Version 10.4.11, which is the position at the moment.
I am continuing to ask the manufacturers but so far they are all saying the same thing - will not suit Version 10.4.11.I would be most grateful if you have any other suggestions but at the moment I am pursuing the 2 routes I have stated.What other information do you require ???
See there is no point in wasting your money to buy a printer which supports mac 10.4 as no new models support it and there is no point in buying an older version because the technology gets obsolete after a certain period. My advice is that if you cannot uograde your mac right now then look for a local reapir shop that will mend your printer. This is the best possible option for you right now.Please rate the chat POSITIVELY so that I can get credited for my service. Thanks.
Please change the rating and I will forward your request for refund. Thanks in advance.
Negative rating affects my performance that's why I am asking you to change the ratings. I have provided you with every piece of information that you asked. I can even search out some contact details of the repair centers for you. But please don't rate the service negatively. I need 3 or more stars for positive ratings. If you want then I will forward for refund. Respond according;y.
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