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I have a HP CP1515n. I pulled the paper drawer out and it only

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I have a HP CP1515n. I pulled the paper drawer out and it only goes 80% the way back in and firm pressure has no further effect. The drawer will not go further in. I dare not use more force. The tray does not appear damaged to me. The last printing was successful. There are no pieces of paper or jammed paper in the printer.
Hi there and welcomeCan you pull out the draw and then slowly push it in, wiggling it a little from side to side as your pushing it in.Does this allow it to go in all the way?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No, I have tried twice and the drawer still only goes in 80%
ok, look along the side of the draw, is anything bent?Also check inside where its going in to see if the rails are bent or anything is blocking it.Please let me know
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Both the tray and looking inside the printer show no obvious damage or beding to me, but I am no expert. The tray goes in to the 80% mark as smoothly as it has ever done. I just jams at that point as if it has hit a stop.
ok, use a little force just in case its getting wedged, you wont break it if you do not go overboard with the force.Try also to hit is a little, can it then get in?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I wriggled it in to the 80% mark and then I bashed it hard and it went in to 100%. I pulled it right out and pushed it back in to 100% and it went in with as about as much force as usual. I then printed a test page using the controls on the printer. This printed correctly. So the printer is now back and working. So many thanks. Without your advice I would not have had the courage to use the force that I did. My computer claims that the printer is unpluged. So I will now commence an examination of the cables.