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HP ENVY120e copier/scanner light switched off. What is the

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HP ENVY120e copier/scanner light switched off. What is the programme to restore function?

Thanks for posting your question on, a global paid independent support site.My Name is ***** ***** I will be assisting you today. Do you mean the power light has turned off ?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Cannot scan or copy. The printer produces a blackish oblong image, but the scanner bar is not illuminated. Other users complain of the same fault but HP are not an easy company to find published information on fixes. I believe there is a way of "turning on" or reversing the problem. Perhaps you know how to do it ?

Thanks for the update and sorry for the late reply, unfortunately, the problem you are describing is a hardware fault and not a simple case of switch on or off. As you said that many customers have faced this same problem, it means this is a known issue for this printer model. The scanner lamp can be defective or the power circuit of the lamp is defective. In both the cases, you have to replace the defective parts to solve the problem. Although you can try the steps below, if you have not tried them already.

To perform a hard reset, leave the printer on and unplug the power cable for 1 minute. While it is unplugged, hold down the power button on the printer for 10-15 seconds to release any built up power, then after the minute has passed, plug the printer back in.

Also, Do you have the printer connected directly to a wall outlet or is it in a surge protector or power bar or UPS? Even if you have been using a surge protector/power bar all this time and you feel it is not the cause, please connect it to a wall outlet just so we can eliminate the power source as the root cause.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
This Hard Reset has been tried previously, and it was unsuccessful, and once again has been tried without a satisfactory result. There is some other programming routine which is mentioned but it is not left on the forum to enable other people with the same fault to resolve this issue. If indeed it is a hardware problem,HP are being very tardy in addressing the issue. It seems it is almost impossible to speak to someone knowledgeable at HP who can say how the problem can be resolved - or not - as the case may be. At the moment there seem to be a lot of very unhappy and frustrated HP Customers looking for answers.P

HP will never tell the customer, how to solve a hardware related problem, because if they tell then, their service center franchises will face losses.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
If the problem is indeed hardware related surely HP should advise the enquirer of the fact and refer the customer to an appropriate service centre. As it is, a lot of people are going round in circles doing hard resets without success, and getting frustrated because they are not getting answers from the HP Forum - hence my approach to you in desperation.I do appreciate your assistance but I am no further forward. I have a multi- function printer which still prints but nothing else. The local Computer shop tell me it is not economical to repair - so in this "throw away society" it looks as if I will be going to the tip and buying a replacement - I HATE WASTE ! ! ! Nevertheless you have done what you can - Thank You