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Category: Printers
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We lost the signal intermittently on our TV (ModelTX32S20B)

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We lost the signal intermittently on our TV (ModelTX32S20B) yesterday but have lost it completely today. I doubt whether it is an aerial connection as my Skybox appears to be recording - though my diagnoses are usually wrong.


My name is David.

The issue you describe is most often caused by memory errors in the network devices that provide your wireless and Internet access connections. To rule out the network devices, such as modem and router, power down the router/modem that provides your wireless and Internet access and unplug the power cord as well. Wait 3 minutes for the memory to drain. Then plug in the power cord on the router/modem and power up the device. Wait for the router/modem to completely start up. Reboot your TV and computer after the router/modem had completed start up and test to see if the issue is resolved and if the TV now has signal.
Please let me know the result.

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