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Kasare, Solicitor
Category: Property Law
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Hi, I was living in a furnished apartment for two years and

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Hi, I was living in a furnished apartment for two years and now that I moved out my landlord came back to me saying that the rubber seal in the washing machine has mould, cannot be cleaned and needs replacing. In the check out report says " it is found mouldy and probably needs replacing" .He also said that I should clean it every time I was washing my clothes with a tissue. He got a quote from his preferred supplier for £111 which I find it very pricey.

Is this normal wear and tear? Who should be paying for it?
Hi, thanks for your question, I will assist you with this.

unfortunately "wear and tear" is not legally defined and as such it is a subjective test. Essentially, wear and tear is the amount of damage that one can reasonably expect from tenants having lived in the property for the duration of the tenancy.

Is this something that you noticed on the machine during your tenancy? If not, this has perhaps happened after you have left. I would suggest that this is something that can either be easily cleaned or if not, then would be general wear and tear (my opinion!) and your landlord is simply trying it on. He could charge you the cost of cleaning this but not a complete replacement. Perhaps to resolve this you can state that you disagree that it was mouldy when you left but you are willing to pay a small sum for the cleaning of the mould (if indeed you are).

Is the landlord withholding your deposit as a result of this? Is your deposit included in tenancy scheme? If so, refuse to accept your landlords claim and demand this matter go to arbitration and in the meantime the remainder of your deposit is returned.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hi and many thanks for your reply.


I have never noticed if there was mould in the rubber seal and when I moved out I paid for a full professional cleaning. He complained that there was mould in the rubber seal despite the cleaning so I send them again where at this point he told me that this is not cleanable so he got an offer for a replace - £100 for a rubber seal which costs £20!


He will be withholding the money from the deposit scheme. After reading your e-mail I think I can try to pursuade him that this is normal wear and tear and if he doesn't accept, then ask him to get me three more offers, or split the cost. If this doesn't work then we go to dispute. Thing is, I had a good relationship so far.