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Remus2004, Barrister
Category: Property Law
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Experience:  Over 5 years in practice.
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I wish to sell my property but I have had to speak to the police

Customer Question

I wish to sell my property but I have had to speak to the police about their unsociable behaviour ie noise from constant arguing and they seem to want to stay up till the early hours and then sleep most of the morning. They are without jobs and are on benefits. The police have paid them a visit and have read them the riot act and have told them that we shall be reporting any future bad behaviour. I want to know whether I have a legal obligation to inform any prospective buyer that my neighbours have been reported to the police, because if I do I will never be able to sell will I?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  Remus2004 replied 5 years ago.
Thank your for your question. I will try to help with this.

I am sorry but you will have to disclose this complaint under your duties. Failing to do would sadly amount to a misrepresentation if not potentially fraud

I'm very sorry but there's no way around it. Case law is very clear on the point. Its one reason that people are slow to make reports about their neighbours

Sorry but thats your position.