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I've lived in my house for nearly 14 years - since I moved

Customer Question

I've lived in my house for nearly 14 years - since I moved in with grandparents when I was 16.
My grandparents have now passed away and my aunt owns the house. She allowed me and my young son to continue living here, rent free for a few years. But now I have gotten married, she wanted us to either pay rent or move out.
We have decided to move out, as we are unable to afford rent but need time to get out finances in order. We are hoping to have this done within a year.
She how ever does not seem to want to wait - do we have any rights to be allow to get ourselves sorted or any claim to part of the house when it is sold. Or is she in her right to kick us out and keep all the money from the sale of the house?
Hope you can help,
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  James Mather replied 5 years ago.
Was the property left to your aunt by her parents?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My grandparents signed it over in to her name 30 years ago - as she was the youngest daughter. But they continued to live in the property until my nan passed away 3 years ago.

I've lived with them since I was 16 - and cared for them for the last years of their lives.

My aunt hasn't lived in the property or even in the area since before it was signed over.

As it was already in her name, it wasn't even included in the will.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I live with my husband and 8 year old son and I'm just really worried that she's allow to kick us out - even though this has been my home for 14 years.

I've never been asked to pay rent before and its only now, since I've got married that she is beginning to hassle me to either pay rent (which we can't afford) or move (which again, until we have sorted out finance we can't do)

I would just like to know if I have any rights at all and if I do what they are - as I'm really worried me and my family are just going to be kicked out with nothing.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
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Is there any chance some one would be able to help with my question tonight?