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Remus2004, Barrister
Category: Property Law
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Experience:  Over 5 years in practice.
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hello, i currently rent a house with my wife and three children,

Customer Question

hello, i currently rent a house with my wife and three children, along with my two brother in laws. we signed a joint contract which expires on the ninth of april, during the past ten months we have had several issues with the property, 26/10/12 the boiler broke down we were left with no heating or oven, we continually phoned and emailed the letting agent asking for a ubdate on the progress, 14 days later the engineer arrived and replaced the water pump and had to flush the c/heating system as it was totally clogged up, he also noted that the boiler had been fitted incorrectly and it had been leaking carbon monoxide. then three weeks before christmas we reported the range oven had broken down, this was attended by a different engineer on 11/1/13 and was promptly condemned as unsafe to use, on 21/1/13 a standard oven was delivered, the engineer attended the house on 24/1/13 for another boiler issue whilst at the property he fitted the oven. where do i stand as far as compensation is concerned? follwing on from that it has caused issues with my brother in laws and myself and my wife. one of my brother in laws has sent emails to the letting agent threatening to withhold rent payments, leaving myself and my wife liable for the rent to the end of the contract. which we cannot afford and would have a massive effect on us obtaining a new home due to the reference checks etc. where do we stand legally, i should point out that the emails sent were bought to our attention by the letting agents and were sent without us having any knowledge of what they were doing as relationships have broken down and we are going our seperate ways
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  Remus2004 replied 5 years ago.
Thank your for your question. I will try to help with this.

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