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Category: Property Law
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Customer Question

hi, i m kouassi. i live in the flat (2 bed room) with ma familly, wife . daugter(17), boys 9,4 and 3 months.our door was broken last april,we cannot locking from outside.we rang the council about it ,they said nothing they can do but to contact the compagny who s at the time was fixing new doors in my area.Done it they said is not down to them.told the council they just said we get back to you,nothing.Last month and last two week went to the council office to complaint about the communal entrance door and the communal back door,are not shut properly and we got new people living the same block are smoke weeds , drink and piss every were. the women said to deal with my housing officer,she rang him , about ten mn ,she s told me he busy.go home he get back to you and nothing againt.I went back ,the same thing , keep me waiting for more than 30 mn at the end they told me he s busy.Yesterday ,come back from work around 2.30pm, we find many things was stolen(1 blackberry play book,2dsi ,1psp,1xbos 360 about 10 jewerly ,belts,etc...)we call the police ,after investigation, they told me the thief get in from the communal door and easily my flat door.After the police call the council around 4pm to discuss about my flat door ,the council said somone is coming to fix it today(13.02.2013) between 9am to 1pm. I was surprise to hear that, why wait so long before something hapen to someone befor react. Thank you ,let me nkow if can sue the council

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  wingrovebuyer replied 5 years ago.
Hello. Whilst it is tempting to say the council was libel for your losses, I'm afraid it is unlikely a court would agree. The person to blame is the burglar. Yes, had the council acted on your complaint, then you may not have been burgled, but if the door was damaged in April and nothing done about it, the court could say you should have fixed it then sought the to recover the costs back from the council, to avoid the danger of an intruder coming in. Sorry this isn't what you want to hear, but I must be honest with you - I don't think you have grounds for a successful claim.