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My daughter was house sharing in Bromley Kent with 2 other

Customer Question

My daughter was house sharing in Bromley Kent with 2 other house mates. She was the lead tenant and they were due to vacate the premises on the 24th Feb 2013. My daughter was in such a state about the girls not participating in the cleaning and restoration of the premises ( Garden Etc) that she asked me to come over from South Africa to please help as she had very little time being the manageress of the White Swan Restaurant. I went over to he for 3 weeks and literally went down on my hands and knees, cleaning ovens, fridges, cupboards, heaters while the other tenants sat back and merely vacuumed their rooms the day before departure. I paid for a garden service, removal service for all the rubbish, carpet cleaning services and bought all the cleaning items needed to do the job and the amount for the exit inventory which was requested by the tenants.

My daughter also had to borrow the money for the deposit required for one of the tenants as she could not afford the deposit and promised to pay it off on a monthly basis which never materialised. The other tenant paid a 500 pound deposit, the total deposit being 1938.46 pounds.

On the day of the exit inventory the owner of the property requested that all 3 of the girls be present but only my daughter and I were present. their was an amount of 900 odd pounds that was deducted from the deposit once the inventory of the property was done. I have all the supporting documents available for perusal. Once this amount had been deducted from the deposit and the 700 pounds paid back to the friend that loaned the 700 pounds towards the deposit that one of the tenants never paid there was only an amount of about 350 pounds left from the initial key deposit. I still needed to be refunded the amounts that I paid on their behalf for the carpet cleaning, window cleaning, refuse removal, cleaning products and exit inventory costs.

The tenant that paid the 500 pounds towards the key deposit became extremely abusive towards my daughter insisting that she get her full refund of the 500 pounds and that she could not see why she should pay towards the cleaning and maintenance of someone else's property. (She Comes from Ghana)

To cut a long storey short my daughter had a lounge suite on hire purchase and as she was relocating to Abu Dhabi she was not able to ship the furniture over as the cost was too great so she gave it to some friends who said that they would deposit the due instalments on the furniture into her banking account in London on a monthly basis and keep the furniture.

Some how Mercy ( the tenant that was demanding a full refund of her 500 pound deposit) got wind of this and because she too knew the friends ( They all worked together at one time) she offered to take the furniture and pay the monthly instalments because the friends found the furniture a little too large for their apartment.
Once she had collected the furniture she mail my daughter and informed her that she was now in possession of her furniture and that she would not be paying the instalments due as this would be her way of getting the 500 pound deposit that she felt she was entitled to. So she never felt that she was liable for any of the cleaning or the payment towards the exit inventory, which the other tenant obviously got away with as she had never paid any deposit.

Please can you advise what recourse we have against Mercy for taking Lauren's furniture without her permission and not paying for it.

Kind Regards,

Jennifer Soekoe
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  Ash replied 4 years ago.

AlexWatts2013 : Hello my name is Alex and I will help with this. I am a little confused about who owes what to who? Could you clarify this for me and I can the help, thank you.
JACUSTOMER-7weihuz6- :

Hi Alex,

JACUSTOMER-7weihuz6- :

Hi Alex, there was no money left of the original deposit once all the deductions had been made for the repairs & Maint that the Lessor saw fit and together with all the other expenses that I had paid, cleaning of carpets, exit inventory cost, garden restoration, window cleaning etc. However one of the girls that shared the house with my daughter ( there were 3 of them) was adamant that she was not responsible for any restoration whatsoever and demanded that my daughter give her back the full contribution namely 500 pounds that she made towards the total

JACUSTOMER-7weihuz6- :

key deposit of 1938.46 pounds. My daughter had bought a lounge suite on HP and as she was relocating to Abu Dhabi she was not able to take it with her so one of her friends( who was also in touch with Mercy the girl demanding her full share of the key deposit back) offered to take over the furniture and the instalments thereon. My daughter gave her friend permission to remove the furniture from storage, but once it arrived at her friends flat the friend realised that it was too cumbersome for her small flat and passed it onto Mercy who told the friend not to worry she would take over the instalments due. However, once she took possession of the furniture my daughter received a mail from her saying, ha ha I have your furniture and I will not be paying the instalments on it in lieu of the deposit of 500 pounds that you owe me.

AlexWatts2013 : Thanks. I assume it was an assured shorthold tenancy? How much is outstanding on the finance please?