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How do you stop someone parking on land that residents park

on and the public shouldn't... Show More
on and the public shouldn't. I live in a flat that has land to park on and is off the road?
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My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm happy to help with your question today.

Unfortunately this person has got you over a bit of a barrel.

Its now a criminal offence to impound or clamp vehicles parked illegally on private land.

Your options are, therefore, a little limited I'm afraid thanks to the change in the law.

The owners of the land could employ a private parking company to monitor the land and issue a penalty.

Or a barrier could be put in place.

Otherwise if the vehicle is causing an obstruction you could complain to the council - or if its parked in a dangerous position then you could complain to the police

Finally an injunction could be obtained against the driver to stop her parking in that location.

All of these possibilities, unfortunately, involve a lot of effort on your part and possibly some expenditure.

It's a very frustrating situation with few options.

Customer reply replied 4 years ago.
Hi Alex. Thank you for your reply. I already suspected this was the case but wanted a legal answer. I have recently found out that the lady concerned is selling vehicles from her home address. Is there a way of stopping this so that she won't be able to put these vehicles in the car park to the flats?
Sadly, there's no law against buying and selling cars from home so long as the person in question is a bona fide dealer, pays tax and is not involved in money laundering or other criminal activity.

Furthermore, so long as the vehicles are taxed and insured, they can be parked on the public highway so long as they do not cause an obstruction.

The position in law about parking on private land is as I've already described above.