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wingrovebuyer, Senior Solicitor
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My letting agents have confirmed that when they inspected my

Customer Question

My letting agents have confirmed that when they inspected my property after a tenant moved out and before the new tenant moved in,the house was in order, apart from requiring certain remedial tasks to be completed prior to the new tenants taking psosession. It has cost me almost £2,800 to carry out the work that was recommended.
Since then the tenant has claimed that there was a leak under the sink, windows have broken panes, the gas hob does not work and the window locks need replacing. The agent maintains that there was no leak at the time of the inspection and that there were no broken panes when the property was inspected. They do however say that the tenant assures them that she did not break the panes. The agent states that there is no way of knowing if this is true or not and therefore I must replace the glass and the locks because of health and safety. Is this correct? Am I liable for items of damage post-inspection? Or are these things the responsibility of the new tenants? I look forward to your response.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  wingrovebuyer replied 4 years ago.

wingrovebuyer : Hello. It's a bit contradictory for the agent to say the panes weren't broken before the tenant moved in, but to then say there's no way of telling. Surely that us their job - to make a sufficiently strong record of condition so that any damage can be proven. With regard to the leak and hob, that would never be the tenants responsibility, so I think you do need to pay for those repairs. However, the panes are a different matter - I suggest you ask the agent to confirm the lanes were not broken before the teannt moved in. On the basis, she must have damaged them. If the agents won't confirm this, then I suggest you ask them to pay, because you relied on them to produce a reliable record of condition to avoid this very problem.
JACUSTOMER-j2m1o4vn- :

Thank you for this advice, I will feed this back to the agent in the morning and will let you know their response before I conclude this enquiry. I trust this is acceptable to you.

wingrovebuyer : More than happy with that, but please don't forget to leave a rating in due course, best, WB
wingrovebuyer : Hello - have you spoken with the agent please?
wingrovebuyer : Hello - can we conclude matters please, or the question will time out and I won't be paid for helping you. Regards, WB
JACUSTOMER-j2m1o4vn- :

Sorry for the delay I have been waiting for a response from the Agent they have come back with:

JACUSTOMER-j2m1o4vn- :

Sorry for the delay I have been waiting for clarification from the agent. They have just responded :

JACUSTOMER-j2m1o4vn- :

Hi Gerard the windows were ok at the time the tenant left and at the inventory so there must have been an issue after the inventory. Therefore you will need to replace the glass however as confirmed Barkwood has agreed to do this at cost price for you, we cannot leave it like this any longer as it is a hazard to the tenants and anyone else at the property which will leave you liable if anything happens. Please confirm asap if I can instruct. Best Regards

JACUSTOMER-j2m1o4vn- :

Can you help ?

JACUSTOMER-j2m1o4vn- :

Is it possible for someone to respond please, this matter has not been concluded satisfactorily and I would like to get some form of resolution